Expert Advice For Hairline Tattoos

Expert Advice For Hairline Tattoos

Do you have a hairline that is receding, that keeps you awake at night from worry and makes you unsure of yourself during the day? If that is the case, you may henceforth relax, because a solution worth considering is available. Have you heard of scalp micropigmentation? Maybe not. It is another term for hairline tattoos. They are becoming more mainstream, and not without good reason.

It is a well-advanced process applied in cosmetic pigmentation procedures. Like your usual tattoo procedure, but with minimal invasion, pigments are injected into your scalp.

Hair loss or balding is about the most common –and also dreaded– normal development a lot of men will face. You can check here for more on balding. Many have made attempts at treating it. Some others have tried slowing it down. Some of these procedures have involved hair transplant and some have involved products that are meant to keep the remaining hair you have. All these are usually very expensive interventions.

A Fresh Alternative

Scalp micropigmentation can be seen as a fresh alternative that can restore some fresh-air confidence. Not only does it differ from the previously mentioned options, but it also comes with a promise of a renewed look specially customized for you. It promises a look that factors in things like the color of your hair and the tone of your skin.

What you end up having on your hair is not just a tattoo; it is much more than that. Scalp micropigmentation leaves your head looking as though you have hair, especially from a distance. It really differs from your usual tattoo. While a tattoo requires a large needle, a microneedle is employed for hairline tattoos. This microneedle gives you an almost perfect replica of the look of hairs and not the painting-on-head a lot of people imagine. The large needle of your usual tattoo is what makes people expect a painting on your head; it blurs the ink and cannot replicate hair follicles’ texture and look.

Your traditional tattoo can go five layers of skin deep. On the other hand, scalp micropigmentation does not extend beyond the first two layers of the skin. There is a reason for this. The greater the skin depth the pigment reaches, the greater the likelihood that it will not retain a round shape thus spreading out. This ends up giving it an artificial look. Achieving a shallow pigmentation gives the practitioner greater control which allows him to give the required shape while at the same time achieving permanence by maintaining an appropriate depth.

Getting a good hand to do the job is necessary to have something very satisfactory. You can get a professional to talk with here: .

Remember to Ask the Right Questions

Expert Advice For Hairline Tattoos

When you decide to go for this, you will need to ask certain questions of the practitioner you will choose to use.


Having talked of needles, and how the size of a regular tattoo needle differs in size from the needle used in scalp micropigmentation, you would need to begin by knowing the kind of needle available for the procedure. Apart from the size of the needle, the shape of the needle matters too. An irregular and jagged needle will better mimic hair follicles. Still, on needles, remember to ascertain that a brand new needle will be used for you; the reasons are obvious.

Ink Type

In your inquiries, you will need to find out the kind of ink available for the procedure. Your usual tattoo ink gives a bluish look. This will surely not mimic anyone’s hair; and there is little doubt if you would want everyone to notice that you just had a treatment on your hairline. In this case, you should make sure that the usual tattoo ink is not used. 

Equally make sure that the ink to be used won’t be one that fades, such as the ink used for cosmetic makeup. Whatever ink that would be used should be such as to blend well with your scalp and give it a natural look. Still, on inks, be sure to verify that whatever ink will be used is safe in both the short term and long term.

Future Treatments

Time will come when your hair will begin to go gray. It becomes necessary to find out if the facility you are using can do something about that when that time comes. There might be a need to give you a retreatment using a gray pigment when that time comes. All these and more are some needful inquiries about hairline tattoos you need to make before getting committed.

In Conclusion

With the statistics showing that baldness affects a third of all men and that about 30 million women in America suffer some form of hair loss, scalp micropigmentation (hairline tattoos) becomes a very welcome innovation. Those who had scars in their attempt at hair transplant can equally find relief with this.

Alopecia that has to do with the loss of certain hair patches can also be camouflaged using this. A person who has been using some form of wig can now put it off without revealing she has been wearing a wig. She will just pass off as someone who just buzzed off her hair.

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