5 Things You Need to Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

5 Things You Need to Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

If you have grown tired of a tattoo on your body, you may be interested in going down the laser tattoo removal route to get rid of your tattoo for good. However, having an idea of what to expect before you go ahead can make a huge difference and ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout. Contact Marysville tattoo removal services if you are living in Seattle metropolitan area. Here are five things you need to know about laser tattoo removal.

Managing Expectations

Before you have any treatment done, you should have a rough idea of what the final outcome will be regarding your tattoo. While laser tattoo removal is successful in 99% of cases, there are various circumstances that could change that, causing your tattoo to not be removed entirely. It’s best to have a conversation with a tattoo removal specialist, such as those found at www.counterpunchlaser.com who can give provide you with more information.

Size and Location Matter

The size and location of your tattoo will play a major part in how well the laser tattoo removal treatment goes. The further away your tattoo is located from your heart, the harder it will be to remove. This is because blood flow helps with the healing process. Because the procedure consists of treating your skin with a laser, there will be minor discomfort and short-term injury that needs to heal. The further away your tattoo is, the less vascular supply it will have, meaning the healing process will take that little bit longer.

Results Take Time

If you expect to see results overnight, think again! Many tattoos require several sessions in order to get rid of them for good. While you may see some changes after one session, it’s likely that your treatment plan will span months in order to get the results you want. Although you will need to commit a great deal of your time, try and think of the outcome and why you’re doing it in the first place.

Preparation Tips

There are all sorts of preparation tips that can help you feel ready and in control before your laser tattoo removal treatment. Staying hydrated before your appointment and having something to eat is incredibly important, reducing the risk of you being lightheaded throughout the treatment, as well as fainting. You will also benefit from quitting smoking too. Not only do cigarettes slow down your body’s healing process, it can also increase the risk of complications, resulting in infections or scarring.

What to Wear

Depending on where your tattoo is located, you may be able to put on clothing that can be taken off without interacting with the affected area. It’s advised to wear clothing that is loose fitting so you can not only feel comfortable, but also reduce the risk of grazing or scratching the skin. It will feel like your skin has been sunburned after each procedure, so make sure to dress appropriately and accordingly to avoid any discomfort.

If it’s the right time for you to say goodbye to your tattoo, it’s important to find a clinic that understands your needs and fears. Make sure to prepare as much as you can in advance and be aware that it will take time for your tattoo to disappear completely. But persevere and the results will be worth it.

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