Expert-Recommended Tips to Care for Your Tableware

Expert-Recommended Tips to Care for Your Tableware

Tableware includes all the dishes and items used to set the table, to serve food, or even as decorative items. Most modern tableware items are made of clay; hence, they are known as crockery and include plates, platters, cups and saucers, soup bowls, salt and pepper shakers, and more. After buying high-quality tableware from Supper Club or any other pottery shop, it is paramount to take good care of it.

This article will discuss the best expert-recommended tips to take care of tableware made of clay to ensure that you and your guests enjoy a perfect dining experience.

Handle Tableware with Care

Although crockery looks very hard because it is fired in the kiln and glazed perfectly, it is surprisingly delicate and fragile. Everyone in the house should make it a habit to handle crockery with care just like glassware items.

Some of the things to avoid include knocking tableware items on hard surfaces when setting them down, carrying too many, and other mishandling. This will avoid breaking, chipping, and cracking to ensure that you have perfect crockery all the time.

Choose the Right Cleaning Products

Harsh chemicals and detergents may cause harm to crockery made of clay and glazes, especially when the cleaning products are acidic. These chemicals can be even more problematic when used with abrasives and scrubbers.

When you are handwashing or dishwashing, choose mild detergents and soft cleaning sponges or towels. If you are concerned about stains, ensure that you soak them properly before washing.

Handwash with Care

Many delicate tableware items require careful handwashing using mild soap and a soft dishcloth. It is also good to soak them in mild soap and warm water ahead of washing. Additionally, some homemade solutions such as baking soda are helpful while washing.

Most importantly, do not stack dirty tableware in the sink but rather wash each at a time using a clean and soft cloth, rinse, and place on a rack to dry. Great care while handwashing goes a long way to save your crockery from damage, ensuring that you have it for a long time.

Dishwash with Care

A dishwasher brings a lot of convenience to your kitchen, but it can cause a lot of damage to pottery items such as plates and cups. So, what is the best way to use this machine? Ensure that you use the recommended water temperature setting and the right detergents when washing your crockery.

It is also important to avoid stacking a lot of items in the machine, and more so, avoid mixing them with silverware that can cause damage during the cleaning cycle. Most modern dishwashers are smart and will recommend the best crockery cleaning process to avoid stains, damage, or even breakage.

Store Tableware Properly

Lastly, let us discuss how you should store your crockery to avoid damage. As mentioned at the beginning, these items are delicate; thus, they should be stored in cupboard organizers and racks to avoid chipping and breaking.

If you need to keep them in storage, ensure they are padded well and placed on top shelves and avoid stacking other items on top of them.


Finally, it is worth mentioning that there is a lot you can do to care for your tableware, especially the crockery made of clay. Importantly, this care also applies to glasses, which are equally delicate. Now that you have gone through this article to the end, you are in a position to care for your tableware for the best dining experience.

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