The Power of Mean Green While Moving

In 3 more days, I will officially start moving to my new home.  Let me catch you up in case you missed any posts.  7 years ago I fell in love with the tiny living craze believing I was going to make my small 1 room apartment feel like a spacious little abode.  That didn’t happen.  After almost 4 years, I decided I needed a bigger apartment.  And 3 years later, here I am with the walls closing in on me and now moving into an apartment the with the same amount of space as my home of 30 + years that I thought was too big for me to care for properly.

Whew, that was longer than I intended it to be.  I love the thought of a small, cozy, living space, but I can tell you without any uncertainty, that the thought of living tiny is no longer even a lingering thought.  I had to try it though and I don’t regret it. I also don’t intend to ever try it again.

So, to restart this post, in 3 more days, I will officially start moving to my new home.  Which means….

I’ve been a cleaning fool.  I’ve cleaned everything as I packed whether it needed it or not and I’ve spent a week washing all of my linens (which is way too much for anyone to ever use in a lifetime).  And in case you couldn’t tell from my title, the power of Mean Green while moving has literally saved so much strength that I would have used for scrubbing, that I was able to use on other things.   I cleaned my appliances, my household gadgets, I even washed clothes with Mean Green a time or two especially when I needed to get out some stubborn stains on my linens. Once I did that, I started cleaning everything here so I can leave it just as fresh as it was when I moved in.

The Power of Mean Green While Moving

The Power of Mean Green While Moving

I’m not just a big fan of Mean Green, I’m also a Mean Green ambassador .   Please click on my link to learn more.

As I settle into my new home, I plan to keep it looking brand new for years to come with the power of Mean Green degreaser.  If you haven’t seen their newest products, there’s no time like the future to catch up on all things Mean Green.

I’d love to know which Mean Green product or products you use the most and what’s the main thing you clean with it or them.

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