Extending The Family: Bringing A Second Dog Home

Extending The Family: Bringing A Second Dog Home

There’s nothing like a furry friend, and if you’re a dog lover, they’ll often become part of the family. With the right care and training; a dog can be a valuable and loving addition to any household. However, many people decide that they’ve loved their pooch, and what they bring, so much that, they decide to bring another one onto the home. Eight paws are better than four, right? Well, they certainly can be, but, it’s important to understand that the process will differ from that of when you got your first dog. Now, you have your existing dog to consider, and a number of other challenges, that a second dog can bring.

You’re already here, and looking into how you can ensure the whole process and addition can be a positive one, so you’re off to a great start. However, it’s time to make sure that you’ve planned and prepared as much as possible, keeping your existing pooch in mind. With enough time and effort, your new dog will become another well-loved, well-behaved, member of your family, so it’ll all be worth it. The following are some things to consider if you and your family are looking to get a second dog, and want their welcoming experience to go as smoothly as possible.

Extending The Family: Bringing A Second Dog Home

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More Supplies

Dogs are basically members of the family, so, the more there are; the most they’ll cost. You’ll pretty much need to double the supplies you buy. Therefore it’s worth checking out where you can get hold of discount pet supplies so that your new pooch doesn’t break the bank. It’s worth thinking about getting a dog of a similar size to your existing pooch. This will allow you to use some of the equipment, food and supplies, and toys, that you already have. You’ll also be used to the amount of food and things they use-up, and at what rate, so you can plan and budget a bit better.

Getting Along

If your two dogs don’t get along, family life will be pretty miserable. Therefore, it’s crucial that your existing dog is already well socialised and calm around other canines. If you’re getting a rescue dog; they’ll be an opportunity for a meet and greet, so ensure that the relationship will work between them. If you’re planning on bringing home a puppy; you’ll need to make sure that your existing dog is happy around young, lively dogs, and has been around pups beforehand. Once they have built a great bond, they’ll be pretty inseparable.

Training Schedules

Your existing dog will already have been trained, and have all the manners and good behavior you want from a family member. In order to get the same from your new pooch, you’ll need to ensure that they’re trained, alone, in the same way your other dog was. You can begin to bring both dogs to training sessions after your new family member has learnt the ropes. It’s worth researching into puppy and dog training classes, if you need assistance with this.


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