Advice That Won’t Fail To Keep Your Dog Wagging Their Tail

Advice That Won't Fail To Keep Your Dog Wagging Their Tail

Advice That Won't Fail To Keep Your Dog Wagging Their Tail

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Whether you’re new to dog ownership or not, there’s always more we can do to keep our furry little buddies happy. Looking after your canine is a 24/7 job, much like bringing up a child, but the most important thing is that you give them the best possible life. Their mental wellbeing is just as vital as their physical wellbeing, so don’t underestimate the importance of your pup’s happiness. If you need a little guidance to keep your best friend happy then here’s some advice that won’t fail to keep your dog wagging their tail.

Take them for daily walks.

The first piece of advice that won’t feel to keep your dog wagging their tail is to take them for daily walks. Unlike humans, dogs actually enjoy exercise. They enjoy resting, but they also want to get out and about so they can truly experience the big world around them. They’ll get restless if you don’t keep them physically active on a daily basis, so there are plenty of mental benefits to taking your puppy out and about. And we’re not just talking about a release of endorphins in your dog’s brain; we’re talking about the benefits of your dog seeing the beautiful world around them and meeting other dogs. Socializing is just as important to your pup as it is to human beings. They always enjoy meeting other people too, so you should invite your friends and family over to meet your best friend whenever possible.

Get them the gear they need.

Obviously, feeding your dog and giving them a warm bed are the two most important aspects of looking after them, but they have certain needs beyond the basics. Dogs are complex and highly-intelligent creatures just like us, so you need to get them the gear they need to be happy both at home and when they’re out on walks with you. You should get them some chew toys so that they have something fun to keep them occupied whether they’re playing in the house or on a walk with you. It’s wise to rotate their toys to keep them engaged because your pup can become bored if they’re stuck with the same toy for too long. You also need to get them the gear they need in a practical sense. You should do some research to find a durable dog leash for them. Your canine needs a comfortable and long-lasting leash to keep them happy but also safe on walks with you.

Spend time with them.

The easiest way to keep your dog wagging their tail is to simply spend time with them. We’re all busy in the modern world, but you have to find time for your pup if you want to keep them happy. As mentioned in the first point, part of the reason they love exploring the world is that it gives them the chance to meet people and other dogs. Canines are very social creatures. If you can shower them with love on a daily basis then you’ll be able to keep them happy and healthy.


  1. Thanks, Jodi. I love German Shepherd dogs. I had one as a child and have wanted one since. They are so smart and easy to train. It’s probably why so many use them for k9 dogs.

  2. Love the advice you have for pets! I have recently gotten 2 German Shepherd pups so I could use all the advice you have.

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