Get your Bike Moving Faster with Proper Bike Fit

Get your Bike Moving Faster with Proper Bike FitGet your Bike Moving Faster with Proper Bike Fit

If you already own a bike or are planning to get one, then you must ensure the perfect bike fit to enjoy it all the more. The act may make you spend some money but it’s certainly worth the cause. Read on to know why you should go about the fitting exercise at the earliest to get the most from your bike. 

Why is Bike Fit Essential?

Bike fits cannot be ignored. They’re essential for all bikers, especially those who are new to the sport. According to serious cyclists, proper bike fit ensures more efficiency and power. All aside, the most important reason behind ensuring a proper bike fit is a comfort for cyclists belonging to any level. By fitting your bike properly, you will be able to ride long and hard, while staying comfortable at all times. The perfect fit also prevents overuse injuries resulting from improper bike positioning. There is no thumb rule for bike fitting; it varies from one person to another and depends on the style of riding, age, and certain attributes like flexibility. 

Basics of Bike Fitting

You may want to try out certain do-it-yourself fits yourself; however, the results would not be the same as provided by professional bike fitters. Here are some basics that you should know to get your bike in order. 

  1. Size: It’s difficult to fit a cycle that’s either too large or small for you. Make sure that your bike is of the correct size before commissioning a fit when searching for kids quad bikes for sale. If you’re looking for kids’ quad bikes, keep in mind they come in different sizes. If it’s a traditional bike frame that you’re trying to fit (one with horizontal top tubes), the fitter would provide one to two inches of the clear area between your crotch and the tube. If your bike comprises the more common sloping top tubes, a minimum of two inches of clearance would be required for efficiency, especially in high-performance-oriented bikes like mountain bikes.
  2. Height of the Seat: You can experience a lot of discomfort with a bike that’s either too high or low. It’s essential to fit the crank arms to make them parallel to the seat’s tube. In case your bike comprises clipless pedals, experts in bike fitting will use mathematical formulas to arrive at the perfect height for your seat.
  3. Handlebars Reach: It’s equally vital to enable proper reach to the bars of the handles of your bike to alleviate any upper body pain. Even as you’re seated comfortably on the saddle, it should be possible for you to reach the brake hoods and the tops of your road bike. The grip on the handlebars of a mountain bike has to be perfect with your hands remaining in a slightly bent but not locked position. 

Turn to Pros in Bike Fitting 

Bike stores and fitters usually have a plethora of fitting services and the “best” fit methodology of their own. You may want to reach out to your preferred bike fitter to provide you with the complete fit. Whatever you do, remember, fits are not optional!

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