How Can I Ship Fragile Items Safely

How Can I Ship Fragile Items Safely

How Can I Ship Fragile Items Safely

There has been a surge of creative small businesses ranging from food items to handmade clothes to various glass and clay items both online and offline. However, when you are trying to make a living by selling fragile and breakable items and you ship them to other people, there is a big chance that they can get broken in the mail before they reach the intended destination.  Wondering if it’s possible to ship fragile items without breaking them? If you do it right, it sure is!

It’s important to know how to package items such as with luxury cardboard boxes, which can be damaged during shipping. In fact, it is important to know how to choose the right packaging for every industry and purpose. It can save you a lot of lost revenue due to breakage, as well as help you get certain credibility as a reliable vendor.

Label It Properly

Labeling the box as ‘fragile’ for the shipping company is the least effective option, but still worth the effort. Even though the people handling your shipment may be careful and take good care of the box, more often than not, at some point, a machine will be handling the item and it treats all shipments equally.

Still, use this tip in conjunction with some other, more effective method for maximum effect.

Cardboard Boxes with Dividers

Cardboard boxes are one of the best choices when sending breakable items. The corrugated nature of the cardboard will absorb some of the impacts and protect the items inside. However, if there is more than one item in the box, there’s nothing protecting them from each other.

That’s why boxes with dividers are ideal for this kind of a shipment. These dividers can be installed in just about any cardboard box, so the size and the number of the dividers is only determined by your needs. Consult a box manufacturer to see how they can help you. What’s more, even though they are typically divided into rectangular partitions, they don’t have to be.

These boxes are customizable and can carry a lot of weight, depending on the quality of the cardboard itself. What’s even better is that this material is fully recyclable and typically comes at least partially from recycled materials, meaning that you will be eco-friendly as well.


Styrofoam is an artificial material which is made to be lightweight and durable. It too can absorb a lot of damage which comes from outside and can protect your fragile items from breaking. For a long time, there was a lot of controversy about this material because it polluted the planet and couldn’t be recycled. What’s more, animals eat it and get sick or even die.

Fortunately, researchers have developed biodegradable and non-toxic options which are a lot more eco-friendly. Still, the stigma for using Styrofoam is still present.


No matter which option you pick, chances are that you will need to add some padding to your shipment in order to further protect your product. There are some obvious choices which are specifically made for this purpose, as well as some which are the result of human resourcefulness.

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