Great Accessories for your Phone

Smartphones are probably up there among your most used and valued possessions. They are no longer simply call and text machines. They are far more than that, from cameras and maps to music systems, video players, and internet hotspots – not to mention the plethora of apps you can download. Your phone is with you pretty much all the time. It is your connection to the world beyond your four walls. Something that came into its own during the pandemic. Imagine self-isolating without one! Anyway, phones are important, which is why an abundance of phone add-ons have been created these days. They increase the capabilities of your phone, and some are pretty fun to use or show off to your friends, whatever the case may be.  

Great Accessories for your Phone

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Shutter Button Remote

For those of you out there who enjoy taking a phone or two, this could be the perfect add-on for you. A shutter button remote basically allows you to click to take a picture button from up to ten meters away, and you don’t even need to set a timer on your phone. The shutter button remote is an attachment that is applied to the phone with a wireless controller in your hand, and when you are ready, simply click the clicker in your hand, and hey presto. It works by using radio frequencies to allow you this distanced photo-taking control. 

External phone storage

Who hasn’t had the issue of running out of space on their phone? This limits you on your chats to photo-taking to basically everything, and maybe you are looking for things to delete all the time. Well, it no longer has to be that way! You can purchase an external hard drive for your phone which allows you to easily transfer all your images, video, etc. The iPhone external storage, for example, works like a flash drive. It will enable you to keep making use of your phone for the foreseeable, without having to choose between snaps. 

Regal Phone Plugs

If you want to bling up your phone a bit while protecting your earphone jack, then why not get a regal phone plug. They look like a diamond-encrusted crown, with gold and silver colors, and are the perfect accessory for protecting that ear jack.

Card Swiping Case 

This accessory opens up and allows you to swipe a credit or debit card into your phone as if you are carrying about a fully fledges POS (point of sale) machine! This device could be especially good for all you retail merchants out there or anyone who has an interactive business. It allows you to quickly and simply make sales on the go. 

Retro Game Protectors

This is a type of phone case which integrates three retro and addictive and fun pastimes in one. A little maze is carved into a tactile surface on the back of the mobile phone cover, with a silver ball to navigate around toward the goal. You are able to choose from a variety of retro games.


If you are someone who likes to do a lot of typing on your phone but find the touchscreen keyboard integrated into your phone a little annoying to use, then you could do with a keyboard in a phone case. Basically, it is a phone case that opens up to reveal a QWERTY keyboard. What could be more convenient? If you have a lot of emails to writing on the train, this could save you a lot of time. It is a simple idea that is extremely effective.

Superhero Phone Protectors

Who out there is a batman fan? Well, you can now get a phone case in the style of the batmobile: wheels and all. Made for iPhone users, it allows you to have the underside of the batmobile as where your phone face would be. When you place it down, it is protected by the wheels, which keep the face afloat.

Phone Case Storage Compartments

This could prove to be one of the most useful phone accessories out there. It is exactly what it says on the tin. Not only does it serve to protect your phone, but the Pocketbuddy Storage Case for the iPhone equips you with a little stage compartment on the back of your phone, perfect for those nights out where you can place all your cash. It even has a removable pill tray and a slide-in function for your cards. It is perfect for anyone who likes to carry about gum or mints, and it does all this without making the phone look bulky. It allows you to go out without carrying a purse.


  1. I really want a Shutter Button Remote! So cool. Great list. Hope I can buy one soon.

  2. I should look into a stash compartment. It could eliminate having to carry a purse and I’m all for that one.

  3. I did not actually know that there are so many accessories for the phone, I deffo need to get a few of these x

  4. I use many accessories with my phone especially when conducting my online lectures. But never used shutter button remote. It’s so useful.

  5. I’ve been looking into external phone storage! Thank you for sharing these awesome suggestions. Great phone accessories are awesome to have on hand 🙂

  6. I love phone accessories. These are items that I like buying for my phone. I’ll go check your other recommendations if they are available locally.

  7. I really need buds. Just kidding, I don’t. I’m hardly on my earphones, but sometimes when I need it, I wish I had wireless earphones.

  8. Oh my goodness! I need to have these phone accessories. I will share this with my husband, and I am sure he would love it, too.

  9. I love to protect my phone because I can be clumsy. These are really great phone accessories.

  10. I need to get one of those phone cases with a keyboard! I spend a lot of time replying to emails from my phone, and it would make the process much faster. Thanks for the suggestion!

  11. Wow, this is a nice collection of phone accessories. I am raring to get an external phone storage but didn’t have the time to look for it in the mall.

  12. These are all great accessories. I have a good bit of these minus the phone plugs, I have kids and I need to always hear what’s going on in our home, lol.

  13. They all sound good, but the shutter button remote and the keyboard would be the most useful for me. I can’t type very fast using my phone’s onscreen keys and anything that enhances picture taking is something I would like to have.

  14. I did not know some of these things even existing! Very cool and I will have to look into trying some of these attachments!

  15. External phone storage is key! so important, thanks for sharing!

  16. I can see the remote being of help. It is likely especially useful when doing lives.

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