Headshot Tips – How to Get the Best Results From Your Headshots

Headshot Tips - How to Get the Best Results From Your Headshots

Headshot photos don’t need to be stressful experiences; with the right photographer and pose in place, achieving stunning headshot photos should not be stressful at all.

Most people tend to tense up their shoulders and arms for headshots, which can result in stiff and unapproachable looks. Though your hands won’t usually appear in most shots, it is still important that they remain relaxed.


Preparing properly for a headshot session is essential to its success and will enable the photographer to produce stunning photos while you feel more assured in yourself and in front of the lens. Your results will speak for themselves!

Before your photoshoot, it’s wise to test out different hair and makeup styles and looks in advance. This will give you a better sense of what works and doesn’t while giving the stylist an idea of your desired look. In addition, bring along samples of previous work so the photographer can compare your new images against anything similar they may have seen previously.

Assemble clothing that will complement both your skin tone and the type of look desired; solid colors tend to work best, with patterns being better left at bay. When shooting on white backgrounds, try selecting something contrasting the hue.

Consider what jewelry you will be wearing. Avoid long dangling earrings that could get caught in your hair, opting for smaller studs or simple necklaces instead. Additionally, bring an alternative outfit just in case the first set doesn’t suit you well enough!

On the day of your headshot shoot, be sure to arrive on time. Being late could not only cause you to miss out on any remaining shooting time but could also make you nervous and stressed out, taking more time than necessary for makeup application and getting dressed, potentially impacting the outcome of your headshots.

Practice your smile prior to any photo shoot in order to relax and ensure it looks natural. Avoid wide smiles as these can be unflattering; practicing on friends or family is an excellent way to see how your photos may come out.

Consideration must also be given when taking headshots regarding light source selection; harsh light sources can cast shadows and produce harsh contrast between your skin tone and background, creating unflattering images. 

A large light source may produce soft yet warm lighting suitable for creating flattering photos of subjects. A professional photographer will have all the necessary equipment to ensure the lighting is as flattering as possible. You can click here to find more information about professional photographers. Working with a pro is worth the investment!

Preparing for a headshot session involves following a healthy skincare routine and drinking lots of water, both of which will help your skin retain a radiant radiance while avoiding dark circles under your eyes. Furthermore, make sure that you get adequate rest before your shoot so you look rested and relaxed in photos.

Professional headshots are an invaluable way to highlight both your talents and personality. To get the best possible results, it’s crucial that you select an experienced photographer with proven results in headshot photography – this will enable you to stand out from competitors and secure more jobs!

When selecting a headshot photographer, be sure to review their portfolio and reviews in order to identify one that fits best with you. After making your choice, schedule an appointment with them so you can discuss their services as well as discuss any needs or goals that you might have for the shoot.

Headshot Tips - How to Get the Best Results From Your Headshots


Your success in getting great headshots hinges on being able to pose well and remain relaxed in front of the camera. 

Try not to stare directly into the lens – looking away will make you more approachable and friendly, plus don’t be shy about using the “engaged conversation pose,” whereby by looking away while smiling or laughing you can create an intimate, natural look that works great for lifestyle or commercial headshots.

When taking headshots, it’s essential that you experiment with various poses. Don’t get stuck in one pose throughout your entire shoot! Experimentation allows you to determine which works best and looks natural on you.

Professional headshots should look natural and unforced, which is best achieved through practice in front of a mirror and then practicing when you reach the studio. You should then find it easier to find appropriate expressions and pose naturally once in there – if this proves difficult for you then consulting an acting coach or experienced photographer may also prove invaluable for this process.

Headshot Tips - How to Get the Best Results From Your Headshots


There is little that goes through image editing software today without some sort of edit being applied prior to being delivered to its client. 

While the aim of headshots is to showcase you at your best, overdoing edits could harm this goal and compromise the authenticity and uniqueness of each individual subject. A good photographer should know exactly how best to edit these shots to showcase them without losing their authenticity and unique qualities.

When selecting a headshot photographer it’s key to find someone with extensive experience and an excellent reputation – otherwise, chances are the results won’t do justice.

An effective way to determine whether a headshot photographer is an ideal match for you is by reading client testimonials. Doing this will allow you to observe how they interact with their clients prior to and post-shoot, as well as gauge how attentive they were afterward. Pay particular attention to interaction statements that mention how well a photographer communicates, handles sessions, and the quality of their work.

Once you have identified several photographers that interest you, try reaching out via email or phone and communicating directly with each of them to determine how easy it will be to collaborate together and help narrow down your options.

Ask each photographer what their pricing and discounts for first-time clients are, along with any reshoot or refund policies in case you’re dissatisfied with your results. 

Ideally, select a headshot photographer with prices within your budget that deliver results you are satisfied with; cost should not be the determining factor here though as the right headshots could make or break your career!

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