How To Improve Your Smile in Pictures: Top Tips and Tricks


If you’re not photogenic, how to get natural smiles in photos can be one of the hardest things to do. Some amateur photographers will always tell you to say the famous “cheese” sound. While this seems to bring out a smile, you’ll notice that this sound brings out a very unnatural smile. If you need a solution for crooked teeth, head for a dental check up with the dentist in Chesapeake to upgrade your smile.

But you can practice various poses and expressions to help improve your smile in pictures. Here are some tips and tricks to help figure out how to fix a smile in a picture.

Do It for Real

To bring out your perfect smile in photos, you have to do it for real. Yes, get rid of the fake smile and smile. Maybe the reason why you hate your smile in photos is that they aren’t natural at all, so it can help if you improve on this.

Well, smiling for real when you don’t have a reason to can be impossible; after all, there is nothing funny about the camera. But you can always find something that can cheer you and bring out the natural smile. Think about something funny that happened sometimes back or imagine something extraordinary, and you’ll love the smile.

Squinting Can Help You Improve Your Smile in Pictures

Squinting helps create some small pillows beneath your eyes. It’s all about narrowing your eyes and bringing up the lower lids. This makes your eyes appear as if you’re staring at something from a distance, but only your lower lids can move.

Squinting brings out a smile with your eyes, which is a perfect way to create your natural beauty. If you’re not used to it, squinting may feel weird as you struggle to keep your facial features still. But the more you do it, the more it comes out naturally, and you’ll love the shot that follows.

Avoid Smiling Too Hard

You’re already used to being told smile in the photos. But this seems like someone is pressuring you to do it, and you’ll try too hard to impress. But this won’t do any favors to the outcome of your shots.

To come up with good shots at the end of the photo session, you don’t need to look happy. All that matters is creating a connection with the viewer of your final shot. You should try to convey happiness and also look friendly.

Try to find something that works naturally for you. You need to adopt a smile that you can hold for an hour because that will bring out the natural and happy you. You can do this with your teeth showing or with your mouth closed as long as it makes you comfortable.

Find the Best Angle

Facing the camera won’t bring out a perfect pose. This pose flattens your features and can distort your look in the photo. You need to show off some bone structure by turning your head on the side. The side you choose for this will be your “good” side.

This is the side that will make your facial features look finer. Don’t overdo this because it can make your shots look flattering. Tilting your face brings out that natural angle.

Say Your Best Words

Get this right. Your best word isn’t “cheese” because you won’t like the look of your mouth and the fake smile that the “ee” sound brings out. Saying cheese also doesn’t make your smile look authentic, and it can make you look annoyed.

So what can be the best words that make your smile look natural? Think about some sound that ends with an “uh” sound. The “uh” will make your lips form a natural smile and bring out a gorgeous facial expression. Think of a word that ends with this sound and can bring a smile to your face when you pronounce it.

When you do this well, you can show off your beautiful teeth without struggling so much. Well, if your teeth aren’t as sparkling, you can follow this guide for some cosmetic work. Your teeth are your best assets, and showing them in the camera will bring out the best shots.

Try Slimming Your Face to Improve Your Smile in Pictures

Sometimes your face may appear wide, and your cheeks look fuller, don’t suck them in. If you do this, your face will look odd, with tight lips and an unnatural look. So, if you’re wondering how to smile for pictures with a round face, try playing around with camera angles.

To slim your face, your best side needs to be at a 30-degree angle from the camera lens. Try to drop your shoulder to move nearest to the camera. Your tongue should be on the roof of your mouth towards the back to tighten the area underneath your chin.

This can be hard to achieve, but when you do, you’ll end up with a unique revelation. You’ll come up with a well-defined and elegant jawline.

Raise Your Chin

If your chin droops in your photos, your posture will look stooped. Sometimes you may think your nose makes you look older. But with your chin up, the angle will come out flattering.

If you pose with your chin pointed downwards, your face will look wrinkled, especially in the neck region. Raising the chin-up creates a separation between the chin and the neck.

To do this, elongate your neck and your chin slightly forward. This trick can make your face look thinner. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth as this will tighten the area underneath your chin.

Tilting your head makes you look confident, bold, and young. The pose makes your skin look smoother and your face happier. You need to practice this posture several times and learn how to smile like a model with time.

A Perfect Posture Results in a Happy Face

The secret to coming up with a perfect look in your shots is not worrying about the final look. Once your mind is occupied with all the worries, it will show up in your photos. You will look strained and tense instead of the happy and natural look that you’ve long desired.

Follow these simple tricks and tips, and with time, you’ll manage to improve your smile in pictures. It’s all about trial and error until you find something that works for you.

Also, you can still go through our other blog posts for beauty tricks and all the wellness articles. We’re here to help you work out a better you in everything you do.

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