Help Your Dog Avoid Winter Blues With These Safety Measures

Help Your Dog Avoid Winter Blues With These Safety Measures

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles Shultz.

Do your dogs like to run in the snow or to stay cuddled up near a fire pit? Either way, as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to keep them protected from the harsh weather. 

There is a general misconception that dogs have furry coats, so they can tolerate winters much better than humans. Sadly, it is not true! In extreme weather conditions, they also need proper shelter and warmth to stay healthy. 

Thus, you must take proper care of them. How? Well, below are some effective measures that’ll help protect your furry friend from winter blues and stay healthy. 

Let’s learn! 

Help Your Dog Avoid Winter Blues With These Safety Measures

  • Paw Care Is A Must 

Have you ever noticed sled dogs? If yes, then you have seen their paws are covered with boots. It is because, in winters, dogs might develop crack paws, just like humans. Therefore, you must take proper care of their paws. Trim the hair between the paws to avoid ice build-up. Rinse their feet every time they come back home after a walk. Get dog booties to protect the paws. Also, take them out only when the sun is bright. 

  • Avoid Thin Ice

Your dogs might enjoy sliding on the icy waters or frozen ponds. However, you need to keep them away from it. As fun as it may look, thin ice can break very easily. There is a possibility that your beloved fur ball might fall into the pond. It can lead to severe muscle strain and injuries. Therefore, whenever you go out, keep them away from the frozen waters. 

  • Dress Them Up Whenever Going Out 

Generally, it is recommended to limit the pup’s time outside. However, it is essential that you dress them up properly for every walk. For that, you should consider getting snowsuits and coats for dogs online. This will ensure that they stay protected from the chilly winds. Furthermore, it’ll help in avoiding any respiratory infections or other cold-related conditions so, your furball will stay healthy and happy. 

  • Create A Cozy Bedding 

DO NOT let your pups sleep on the cold floor. Instead, create proper bedding for them. Use soft and warm blankets to make the bedding. Also, keep in mind to create a raised bed. It will reduce the chances of stiffness in joints. Apart from this, you should consider creating bedding near the firepit to keep them warm in the cold mornings and nights. 

  • Beware Of Antifreeze

Last but not least, keep your beloved dogs away from the antifreeze. It is highly toxic for your dogs. As little as a teaspoon can lead to severe conditions such as seizure, vomiting, panting, lethargy, or worse of all, kidney failure. If you notice any of these signs, take them to the vet as soon as possible. 

To Sum It All Up!

All these measures will ensure that your dog stays warm and safe during the harsh weather. Nonetheless, if you notice any signs of sickness, you must take them to the vet immediately. Also, pay utmost attention to the hydration and nutrition level of your furry friends. 

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