Helping A Loved One In Legal Trouble

Helping A Loved One In Legal Trouble

If a loved one has gotten in some trouble with the law, then you are likely going to want to help them. The matter of what happened and the eventual potential consequences is something for the courts to decide and not something you should try to influence too much. But there are ways that you can help them make sure that their rights are being protected and that they are going about the process the right way.

Get a lawyer

If you can, then you should hire a lawyer for your loved one as soon as possible. Some people do well with the help of a state-assigned lawyer, but going private with someone who has plenty of experience in the relevant field can be crucial in maximizing your chances of a good outcome for your loved one. Whatever you are thinking of doing, you should make sure that you heed your lawyer’s advice and never do anything to contradict them. Your loved one might have some choices to make about the lawyer’s strategy but their legal advice is likely to be much more sound than what ‘feels right.’

Budget for the essentials

Helping A Loved One In Legal Trouble

If a loved one has been temporarily placed in jail, then you may be surprised how the costs can add up. Buying commissary items, making phone calls, and other expenses cost money and you have to be ready to provide since they can’t do it from inside. Of course, you may be able to get them out in the meantime, too, so look up some jail bond information. It costs money to post bail, but it can be financially sensible in the long run. Bail bond is costly but it cannot be exchanged for the freedom and effort you’ve done for your loved one.

Don’t spread the word

If a loved one has been arrested, then be prepared to bring communications into just the inner circle as best as you can. Don’t talk to those outside of the close family about the arrest and talk to no one about any legal strategies you may be advised about. If you’re active on social media, then it might be time to take a break. You may find all sorts of people coming to talk to you about the arrest or the case or related matters and you have to be ready to shut them down when they try.

Support your loved one

Your loved one is going to be making the bulk of the choices during the legal process. You can try and make the case for certain options when they are still deciding but once they have made that choice, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re behind them. You want them to feel confident and optimistic during the process and second-guessing them can undermine this. This goes for judging them, as well.

Aside from the above tips, the best way you can help is to let the lawyers do their job and have the legal process play out. You can’t control the outcome of any trouble your loved one might get into, you can just be there to offer some assistance where relevant.

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