Playground Gifts Backyard Discovery And More

Every year I buy Christmas for the kids in my neighborhood that I’m familiar with. As many of you already know, I live alone, with my loving pets, and it can seem really quiet at times.

The kids will stop by to play with Peanut or pet my cats when they see me outside so I know most of them on a first-name basis.

Over the past year or so, we have a new owner and new management. They’re working hard to fill the apartments with long-term applicants and with new neighbors come new families.  A lot of them I haven’t met yet.

Because of the turnover, I decided to purchase items for the playground instead of buying for each kid individually. It’s hard to buy for kids when I don’t know them yet.

I started off by getting a saucer swing.  I noticed one of the swings was missing and I thought it would be a change from a regular playground swing, plus several kids can get on it at once.

I then bought a sandbox with some sandbox toys.  Every playground needs a sandbox to build castles in.

Lastly, I got a Beacon Heights Playhouse from Backyard Discovery. A friend of mine has been helping me put it together, and so far we are on a roll.   We should have it completed this week. I will add updated photos at that time.

This is before we got started.

Playground Gifts Backyard Discovery And More

The Beacon Heights Playhouse comes in 3 packages which arrive on the same day.  What I like about this one over past playhouses I’ve purchased is that I can follow the 3D directions using the Bilt App.  I’m an auditory learner so I’ve been following along on the app, while Amy has been following along with the included directions pamphlet.

I’m adding these playground essential toys to my Christmas Gift Guide 2021 because I think it’s important to get the kids outdoors year-round.  Yes, even when it’s cold outside.

I was born in Alaska and spent a lot of my childhood in snowy and cold weather and I have fond memories of playing outdoors. They’re my fondest memories.

My wish is that the kids here will disconnect with their technology and spend more imaginative playtime outdoors.


  1. My grandkids have a blast on this. We’re turning the bottom of it into a sandbox this spring.

  2. Oh wow you were born in Alaska how cool is that! I have always wanted to go there. But back to the playset. My grandsons would love this. I am going to have to check it out!

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