How many times have you said “thank you” for a gift you disliked? 

How many times have you said, “oh, this is just what I was hoping for” after being a gift that, in actuality, you hoped was anything but?

Many of us have wardrobe and cupboard spaces filled with terrible Christmas jumpers, pointless knickknacks, and sundry other items that haven’t been to our liking at all. And chances are, you are probably thinking about the gifts you have been given while reading these words.

But what about the gifts you have given to others? Have you ever been met with an insincere response after handing your gift over to them? Have you ever been regifted the gift you gave a year or two down the line? Have you ever seen the gifts you bought at a tabletop sale?

If you want to receive better gifts, it might be that you need to be a better gift-giver. So, with Christmas coming up, although you might also be looking for birthday, anniversary, or graduation gifts too, here are just a few suggestions to help you make better gift choices.

#1: Don’t buy all your gifts from one store

We are specifically thinking about Christmas with this one as, in a bid to make your life easier, you might be tempted to buy all of your gifts from one store. This way, you won’t have to travel further to shop, be that with your feet if you’re shopping in town, or with your fingers if you are doing everything online. 

While this will make gift giving easier for you, it doesn’t always make sense, especially if you are then forced to buy gifts that are irrelevant for certain people in your life. So, despite the ‘inconvenience’ of having to shop elsewhere for presents, make the effort to broaden your search, as you might then find gifts that are more meaningful. And that leads us on to the next point.

#2: Think about the person you are buying for

If you know the person well enough, you should know more about their likes and dislikes. But even if you’re unsure, you might still pick up a few hints when looking at their social media accounts, or by asking people they know. So, when finding out more about the person, be sure to put some thought into your gift. Buy them something they are almost guaranteed to like, as you are then guaranteed a better response. 

And while your niece might appreciate some iTunes vouchers for her birthday, your gran might not know what to do with them! Also, it would be helpful if your gift is practical and offers some convenience. For instance, gifts like rolling trays are fantastic for friends or loved ones who smoke or roll their own cigarettes. Some of these gifts come in various styles and designs, meaning you easily find one that suits the receiver’s taste and personality. It’s all about being thoughtful and offering a personalized gift that will show how much thought you put into the entire process. Be mindful then, and do your age-appropriate research. 

We have a lot of gift ideas around our website, for example, including these fabulous gifts for 20-year-olds, so take a look and use our ideas for inspiration.

#3: Try to be unique

It might not be the gift that is the problem when you notice the fake smile on the other person’s face. It might simply be the fact that you have given them something they have received already. So, try to avoid that pitfall by being unique with your gift-giving. For instance, Manly Man Co has a wide arrange of unique beef jerky gifts for the men in your life and a Belk gift card might be more appropriate for women. 

Another example might be that you might make something for the other person. From works of art to baked cakes, use whatever skill you have when thinking about a gift. Again, think about the other person so you can theme your crafted gift around their personal likes.

You might also forgo a physical gift in favor of an experience. So, you might buy a friend a ticket to a West End show or you might treat her to an afternoon at a local spa, as just two examples. Check out some of the experiences offered at Buyagift for some other ideas. 

By being unique, not only do you fall out of the trap of duplicating something that has already been given, but you are also showing the other person that you have invested time and thought into their gift. 

#4: If in doubt, ask!

There’s little point in wasting money on a gift they don’t want, so for the sake of yourself and the recipient, ask them what they want before buying. Alternatively, ask for the link to their Amazon wishlist if you or they don’t feel comfortable about being too blunt. Sure, there will be few surprises when it comes time to open the gift in question, but at least you won’t have made a terrible mistake in your choice!

Thanks for reading, and happy gift giving!