5 Cool Educational Gift Ideas for a Kid’s Birthday

5 Cool Educational Gift Ideas for a Kid's Birthday

If your kid’s birthday is fast-approaching and you’re looking for ways to sprinkle some learning into the fun, there are plenty of gifts you can give that will provide both entertainment and education. Birthdays are perfect times to learn new things because we tend to build stronger memories on these rare and special occasions. In other words, whatever you teach your kid on their birthday is more likely to stick with them than something they learned on a random day of the year. With that said, here are five educational birthday gift ideas to get you going:

  • 1. An Actual Gold Nugget

Giving your kid a real gold nugget is a fun way to teach them about the value and production of precious metals as well historical topics like the gold rush. Plus, the “wow” factor is going to be there when your kid finds out they just a got a real gold nugget for their birthday. You might think this would be a prohibitively expensive gift that would be hard to find, but Nuggets by Grant sells real gold nuggets in a variety of sizes to fit most budgets.

  • 2. A Special Map

Maps make great bedroom decorations to go alongside posters and paintings. Plus, they give your kid an ongoing source of education about the world we live in or a specific region within it. There are thousands of interesting maps out there to explore, so you should have no problem finding one that will teach your kid something new.

  • 3. An Educational Video Game

There are very few kids who would be disappointed with a video game of any kind, even if it does have an educational slant. While it may not become their favourite game, at bare minimum it will give them a little while of enjoyment and educational exploration as they work their way through the different modes and features.

  • 4. Museum Tickets

Museums are everywhere, and yet so many kids rarely ever go to a museum. You might not want to force your kid to tour a museum on their birthday, but the simple act of giving them the tickets will initiate the process of them learning something new at a later date.

  • 5. A Road Trip

If you’re the kind of parent who likes to spoil your kid for an entire week following their birthday, an extended road trip might be the perfect surprise gift. The morning after their birthday, just when they think the fun is over, wake them up with the great news that you’re going to see the Statue of Liberty, or some other far away destination that will provide some educational value.

  • Educational Gifts Make Learning More Fun

If your kid is the type who only likes to learn when they’re required to do so for school work, giving them an educational gift is a good way to spur some at-home learning without being too overbearing. Try starting with one of the five suggestions above and use your imagination to branch out into related gift ideas.

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