How To Decide When Your Houseplants Need Watering

How To Decide When Your Houseplants Need Watering

Looking after houseplants is the same as anything else in life, it takes time and practice to get it right. Once you’ve developed a system for watering your plants you won’t even need to think about it. Taking care of them is simply something you’ll do. This will help to ensure you have the time to appreciate your plants and to inspect them; ensuring they remain healthy.

Of course, you have to start somewhere! The problem is there is no easy answer to how often you need to water your houseplants. It depends on the plants you have, the temperature of your house, and the amount of sun they are getting. All these factors influence how quickly they dry out and need more water.

You should also note that a plant that looks like it needs water but doesn’t absorb any may need to be placed in a bigger pot

The Soil Test

The best way of deciding when a plant needs water is to test the soil. Al plants should have soil that drains easily, helping to ensure the roots of your plant are not sitting in water. This encourages root rot which will kill the plant. Good draining soil and a drainage hole in the pot allow excess water to exit the pot. You should empty the container underneath. You’ll want to check out Foli8 to find the best pots and plants on the market.

You’ll then be able to put your finger in the soil from the top. If the first one to two inches is dry you can water your plant.

It’s normally best to avoid hitting the leaves with the water. Plants do absorb moisture with their leaves but the flow when watering the plant will be too powerful. It’s more likely to damage the plant.

Instead, add a little water to the pot and mist the leaves. 

Give the plant thirty minutes and check how much water is in the container under the pot. This will give you an indication regarding whether you’ve overwatered the plant or not. If so you can cut it down next time you water the plant.


The number of times you water will depend on how often the soil is dry. It’s a good idea to check the soil every other day. This will help you to create a pattern for the different plants and work out which need watering and when.

If you have several different species of plant it can help to create a chart that shows the watering schedule.

Factoring In The Weather

It’s also important to consider the weather. If your plant is in the sunshine and the weather is heating up, you may want to check it more often. It’s okay to check the soil daily but only water when the soil is dry.

Additional Thought

Succulents generally need less water than other plants. When dealing with a succulent make sure most of the soil is dry. The more the plant loves the water the less dry the soil needs to be. But, the top layer should always be dry before you water them again.

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