How to Get Rid of Cataracts and Enjoy Clear Vision

How to Get Rid of Cataracts and Enjoy Clear Vision

Having cataracts in your eyes can be so uncomfortable. It makes your eyes sensitive to light, affects your vision and your day-to-day activities.  If not treated, cataracts can cause vision loss. Fortunately, your vision can be restored with cataract surgery in Jenkintown at Suburban Eye Associates.

What causes cataracts?

A cataract is caused by breaking down your lens protein over time, causing cloudy lens and poor vision. The breaking down is a result of your aging process. There are other causes of cataract formation like eye injuries, conditions like diabetes, and the use of steroids.

How do you know you have a cataract?

Cataracts are not painful, which makes it hard to realize their presence at the initial stage. Some symptoms of this condition include:

  •         Experiencing blurred or foggy vision
  •         Being sensitive to bright lights such as headlights, sunlight, and lamps
  •         Having double vision
  •         Experiencing poor night vision
  •         Experiencing changes in how you see colors
  •         Seeing a halo around lights

Preparations before undergoing cataract surgery

Before you undergo Cataract orange county surgery, your doctor will enquire from you if you have had a laser vision correction before and, if so, request to have your prescription. This information will help your doctor assess the exact intraocular lens implants for you.


Your doctor will measure your eye length using an A-scan and your eye cornea curve through keratometry. The two measurements will help your doctor choose the right artificial eye implant for you.


Your surgeon will request to know if you are taking any medications, using some supplements, or alpha-blocker drugs. These will help your doctor modify their surgical technique to prevent complications after your surgery because such medications prevent your pupil from widening correctly during the surgery.

Antibiotic eye drops

Your surgeon doctor may recommend taking some antibiotic eye drops two to three days before your surgery to prevent any form of infection.

Cataract surgery procedure

Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure and takes about thirty minutes to one hour using a local anesthetic around the area of your eye. Your surgeon will make a tiny incision in the front part of your eye, remove the cloudy lens, and replace it with an intraocular lens implant.

In case you have an eye problem that cannot handle intraocular lenses, your surgeon will prescribe eyeglasses for you after removing the cataract.

Recovery after cataract surgery

After the surgery, you will rest awhile in the outpatient recovery area as your doctor observes you before you are allowed to leave. Your doctor will prescribe some eye drops to boost healing which you should use as instructed.

You should avoid rubbing your eyes the first three days after surgery and always wear an eye shield as you sleep and wear wraparound sunglasses when you are in bright light.

Avoid vigorous activities such as bending, heavy lifting, and exercises during the first week after surgery. Protect your eyes from infection by avoiding dust, dirt, and water for a few days after surgery.


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