How to Hold a Cigar

Most people don’t give much thought to holding a cigar, but if you are a beginner in the cigar world, you may wonder about the proper ways to hold one. To most, holding a cigar comes subconsciously, but to others learning how to hold a cigar comes with a lot of practice. 

There are several methods of holding a cigar, and what comes easily for you may be different for someone else. Below you will find the different ways to hold a cigar, giving you options to choose from. 

Between Forefinger and Thumb

This is one of the easiest methods and the most suitable one for beginners. It requires the forefinger to wrap around the cigar while the thumb provides additional support to the hold. This method is common among connoisseurs that are sociable in social settings.

When you hold a cigar like this, you give the impression of wanting to hold conversations. This method is efficient, especially for thicker ring gauges, thanks to the secure hold between the thumb and forefinger. 

The Pinch Method

Another popular method is placing the cigar between your forefinger and thumb, gently pinching the tobacco. When pinching, there is the risk of using too much pressure, which may pop out the tobacco and ruin your cigar. 

The idea is to gently press while ensuring you hold the cigar tight enough to secure it between your fingers. This method gives an impression of being a sensible and fair-minded person. 

The Triple Support Method

If you are worried about dropping your cigar, this is one of the methods you should use. It requires you to place your forefinger and middle finger on the band of the cigar while the thumb supports from below. 

This method offers incredible security of the cigar between your fingers, but you may need to remove one finger if needed for ease of use. 

The Respect Method

This method of holding a cigar requires you to use all your fingers on the cigar. The thumb supports the cigar from the base while the other four fingers wrap around the stick. This gives maximum support to the cigar showing respect to the crafting process of cigars. 

The Prime Minister Method

This method is controversial, with most people agreeing to it while some disapprove of its use. The prime minister’s method of holding a cigar requires you to wrap your lips around the cigar, securing it with your teeth. 

The method keeps your hands free and works well if you are going about your business. The idea is to hold gently with your teeth ensuring you do not bite too hard down the cigar. Also, avoid drooling too much and if it happens, remove the cigar from the mouth as often as needed. 

There you have it; five methods you can use to hold a cigar properly. These methods are common and have been shown to work among cigar lovers. Depending on your style or the impression you seek to give, one or more of these methods can come in handy. 

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