How to Increase the Size of Your Garage?

How to Increase the Size of Your Garage?

It doesn’t matter how big your garage is it can always be bigger! A garage is a useful addition to any home and can actually increase the value of your property. But, the rest test of a garage is what it’s used for.

Despite being designed for a vehicle, most homeowners end up storing things in the garage, not the car. At some point, you’re going to want more space. Fortunately, it is easier than you think to increase the size of your garage.

Car Ports

If you do manage to keep a car in your garage or you’re trying to make space n order to put the car in, you may prefer to purchase a double carport. This can be bolted onto your existing garage and create a safe spot for your vehicle. It can even be made tall enough for a camping car.

Alternatively, the carport can be freestanding and positioned anywhere that is suitable. In short, you may be able to get your car closer to the front door.

At the same time, you’ll increase the available space in your garage.

Storing Things Better

Another big problem with garages is that most items are simply placed in boxes and stacked on the floor, creating piles of potentially useful content.

It’s time to go through the items and be ruthless. Firstly, throw all the items that are not sentimental and haven’t been used in a year or more. You’re not likely to use them again.

Of course, if these items have any value you’re better off selling them rather than throwing them away.

You can then move sentimental items to the loft space, creating plenty of free space in your garage, effectively increasing its size.

Alongside sorting the stuff it’s a good idea to look at your storage options. Ideally, you should have a wall of cupboards and a suspended ceiling where you can store most items, especially those that are rarely used. 

Suspended ceilings are an effective way of keeping things out of your way without having to get rid of them.

If you’re using ceiling storage make sure you keep anything small and useful lower down, perhaps on wall mounted storage. 

Extend It

This is a more expensive option and one that will require some thought on your part depending on what you intend to do. 

Even if you have an attached garage you’ll probably find it is possible to extend it in one direction. You’ll need a proper support for the existing roof and walls. You can then remove a wall and extend the size of the garage to suit your needs. 

You can do this yourself although you may prefer to get professional assistance. 

The alternative is to extend your home and create a guest room or something similar. This can become the storage space and free the space in your garage. Of course, you’ll have to be careful that you don’t simply start hoarding again.

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