How to Keep a Car Clean, Inside and Out

How to Keep a Car Clean, Inside and Out

Are you wondering how to keep a car clean? It’s a great goal to have. Your car is a reflection of you and can even determine your first impression at job interviews, on dates, and on other important occasions.

There are also many dangers of driving in a dirty car, both to you and to your vehicle.

When you leave a layer of dust, dirt, and grime on the exterior of your car, you are risking paint abrasion, corrosion, rust, and bird droppings that can eat through your paint. You are also risking low visibility, which can cause unsafe driving and result in serious car accidents.

Driving with a dirty and cluttered interior can even make you physically ill, as dirty cars encourage bacteria growth that can cause all types of illness. You are also risking distracted driving when you drive in a cluttered car, something that is a common cause of accidents, injuries, and death.

Fortunately, keeping your car clean on the inside out is as simple as using a few tips and tricks and making a few changes to your daily routine. If you are wondering how to keep your car spotlessly clean, this short and simple guide is for you.

Follow a Car Wash Schedule

One of the best tips to maintain a clean car is to follow a car wash schedule. This is great for avoiding the buildup of dirt and grime that can be difficult to remove with a regular wash. Consider washing your car at least every week.

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Consider Regular Detailing

A great tip for how to deep clean your car is to schedule regular detailing. This is a great way to keep your car in excellent condition, both inside and out. Aim for detailing your car every 4-6 months.

Clean the Car Mats

Have you ever took a good look at your car mats? Chances are, they are very dirty. This makes sense because you use them to keep the dirt and mud from your shoes off of your carpet.

Rather than wait until you wash your car to clean your mats, consider wiping them down every few days.

Vacuum Regularly

Just like your car mats, the floors in your car can hold all sorts of dust, debris, and bacteria. These things can sink into your carpet and create a variety of stains. To avoid getting stains, consider vacuuming your carpets every few days.

Wipe Down Everything

One of the best tips for keeping your car clean is to wipe down the interior as often as possible. This avoids the collection of dust, grime, residue from sticky fingers, and more. You can use regular wipes or use special wipes made for the interior of your car.

Use Organizers

If you are like most car owners, you have all kinds of items in your car, especially if you have children. A great way to clear the clutter from inside of your car is to use a few organizers. You should also make sure you are only keeping items in your car that need to be there.

Don’t Procrastinate With Cleaning Messes

Have you ever spilled a drink while you are on your way to work? Because you can’t stop your car and immediately clean the spill, you might forget about it altogether.

This can lead to procrastinating about cleaning the spill until it’s been days or even weeks. To avoid this, make sure to clean spills as soon as possible to avoid a stained interior.

Keep Your Cup Holders Clean

One of the dirtiest places in the average car is the cup holders. This is likely the catch-all for all of your coins, straw wrappers, and all kinds of other odds and ends. It might also be sticky from soda spills and more.

A great way to keep this area clean is to place silicone cups in the holders so you can pull them out and clean them easily.

DIY Your Stain Removal

If you happen to spill something in your car, consider DIY’ing your stain removal. By cleaning it right away, you can avoid the stain setting into your interior. Choose the best stain removal method for you and use it for all your interior stains.

Keep Cleaning Tools in Your Car

If you want a spotless car, consider keeping a few cleaning tools with you at all times. Keep a pack of wipes, a bag for trash, a small duster, and more. By keeping these tools available, you will be ready for any cleaning emergency.

Keep Your Windows Clean

The windows in your car are your view of the outside world. They keep you safe and give you all the visibility you need while you are driving.

For these reasons, keeping your windows sparkling clean is essential, not only to drive safely but to also maintain the overall look of your car. Make sure to touch up your windows between washes to ensure they are always clean and clear.

This Is How To Keep a Car Clean, Inside and Out

By following these tips for how to keep a car clean inside and out, you can reduce your risks of injury, illness, and distraction.

Start by following a car washing schedule and have regular detailing. You should also keep your cleaning tools in the car, touchup as you go, and make sure to keep the interior clutter-free and organized. Clean up messes as soon as they happen and reduce the risks of spilling and losing items in your car.

Follow these tips and you can keep your interior and exterior clean and sparkling.

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