Review: All About The New Honda Civic 2022

Here’s all that you need to know about the Honda civic 2022

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate what an elegant car the all-new Honda Civic 2022 is. The car has a classy new outer design, for starters, with a fire-rate interior that will satisfy your eyes. The engine is now more refined, and it has a much brighter CTV than its predecessor. 

It gives a good space for all the passengers, but despite all this, the most significant talking point in Australia is the price which we can’t deny is more than what the people expected it to be. It is mainly because Honda has decided to sell only a few cars at a much higher price. 

Here’s a detailed review of the all-new Honda Civic. Let’s get right into it!

All About The New Honda Civic 2022

Honda has long been one of the most loved car brands. Based on the recent developments that they’ve made to the 2022 model, they have once again proved why they are the best and made a mark in the market. They have expanded the wheelbase length by 35mm, the car’s field of vision, and the rear track by 12mm. In contrast, they have shrunk the rear overhang. It’s asking for a $47,200 driveaway price. 

The all-new Honda civic 2022 is all about a sleek and clean look. From the nameplate to the low bonnet and beltlines, it gives off a more subtle, beautiful appearance. That paired with an advanced interior is a forceful match. The single-model civic is relatively new, Honda promises its hybrid version, which is due in the second half of 2022, and a completely new Type R is all set to arrive before Christmas next year. 

The Drive

Here is your answer for people questioning Honda Civic 2022’s price tag. It is a highly polished car in its steering and handling – it gives off a much more advanced feel than the previous version. The drive is such that it satisfies the toughest of drivers and on various terrains. 

It comes with the latest aluminum front subframe, fresh rear compliance bushings, a low friction front suspension, and significant alterations. Everything helps to elevate the front drive of the all-new Honda civic. 

Lavish Interior

Talk about high-quality plastics! The 11th generation Honda Civic is back with a refined interior that allows you a great vision and premium feel. All the interior screams class. However, it does have conventional-looking instruments. It now has a 9.0-inch touchscreen, which is a giant Honda. It gives a more advanced sound and clarity. It has a wireless Apple CarPlay, navigation with over-the-air updates, a 12-speaker Bose audio system, wireless charging, etc. 

The seats are comfortable and give the back and frontbenchers a lot of space to relax. There is ample head and legroom for all. A real winner! It comes with a small ridge in the front of the touchscreen, which acts as a finger rest, which shows how much thought they have put into modifying this model. 

Safety Status

The all-new Honda civic comes packed with the standard safety equipment to be a great family car. It has eight airbags, including one for the driver, passenger and knee airbags, etc. Honda has claimed that a heater is primarily for the fogging of the windscreen in extreme weather conditions, and it allows wipers to work at full speed. 

Cost Of Running

The first few services are not priced as much as others, and they cost around $125. Honda civic requires once-a-year maintenance or when it hits 10,000 km. It also comes with a five-year unlimited kilometer warranty combined with a six-year rust/preformation warranty and five years of road assistance – which is very impressive. This is an attractive offer for those questioning the price.

Verdict: Is The Honda Civic 2022 Worth The Money?

Leaner and classier – the all-new Honda Civic 2022 is all about! While some claim that the price is too much, those who have experienced its drive claim it is worth it. Honda has made quite a comeback with the 11th generation, and we have to agree that it is quite the transformation.

What works in its favor is the unmatchable handling and steering, the terrific chassis, and the car’s composure. It has impressive agility that makes your ride extraordinarily safe and comfy. The space it offers you is great for a family road trip or camping with friends. 

So that leaves us with the decision of what to do. If you’re all about the drive and car, afford to get it – it’s going to change your life!


  1. I am looking into getting a new car and the Honda Civic is on my list!

  2. I have heard so many great things about this car. I am considering it for my next car purchase.

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