How to Keep Your Seasonal Decor in Pristine Condition During Storage

How to Keep Your Seasonal Decor in Pristine Condition During Storage

There’s something truly magical about decorating your home for the holidays or changing seasons. From twinkling lights and festive ornaments for a classy Christmas to chunky crocheted blankets and seasonal accents, each piece adds a touch of warmth and joy to your space. Besides, it always feels like such a thrill getting to pull these out of the box and display them elegantly within your home. 

But at the same time, it feels a bit relieving getting to box them back up until next time because it’s a reminder of how wonderful the season was. However, once the season has passed, it’s essential to properly store your seasonal decor to ensure it remains in pristine condition for future use. Seriously, can you imagine getting your decor out, such as Christmas decor, and it all being destroyed? That’s practically gut-wrenching! While the fear might be there, it doesn’t have to happen at all. It basically comes down to how to properly store them. 

So, here’s how you can preserve your seasonal decor and enjoy the magic year after year.  

It All Comes Down to Storing in a Controlled Enviroment

No matter where you choose, whether it be your basement, attic, shed, cellar, or even professional services like Ankeny Mini Storage, the environment needs to be controlled. This means that the storage location for your seasonal decor needs to have stable temperature and humidity levels to prevent damage and deterioration over time. Now, not many spaces can offer this. Usually, basements, cellars, and attics are go-tos for storage, right? 


But these places usually lack insulation and, therefore, can sometimes be too damp or humid- meaning that moisture can promote mold growth and mildew. Again, not all homes are like this, but most are. You’re going to need a climate-controlled space, like a closet or a spare room, but better yet, a storage service can offer for a pretty affordable rate. But if you want to make sure that nothing happens in the slightest to your decor, then you absolutely need to make sure that the environment has stable conditions. 

Choose the Right Containers

Sometimes, cardboard boxes really don’t cut it. In fact, you’re far better off if you opt for sturdy, airtight plastic containers since these can shield your decorations from dust, moisture, and pests. If you wanted, you could go the extra mile and even consider using clear bins or labeling the containers. 

This way, you can better identify the contents and streamline the unpacking process next season. But there’s always a chance that cardboard boxes get damaged (and mold grows fast on them), and while plastic containers might not be the most eco-friendly, they do protect your decor until the next season comes. 

Don’t Forget the Potential of Pests

Another reason to avoid cardboard boxes is that some pests, such as mice and rats, will burrow through them. So that’s why you’re better off going with plastic containers. You might even want to consider placing pest deterrents such as mothballs, cedar sachets, or essential oil-infused cotton balls inside containers to repel insects and keep your decorations safe from harm. Basically, just be cautious because whether it’s bugs or rodents, you have to take some sort of action- you never really know until it’s too late! 

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