5 Home Décor Ideas for a Classy Christmas

5 Home Décor Ideas for a Classy Christmas

For some people, Christmas time means a house packed full of festive decorations and delicious treats, in all shapes, sizes, and designs, with color coordination being the very last thing on their minds.

If you still love to embrace the holidays yet want to keep the aesthetics and interior design themes cohesive throughout, you have come to the right place. 

Here are five home décor ideas for a classy yet celebratory Christmas time. 

1. Buy an Ethically Sourced Real Christmas Tree

5 Home Décor Ideas for a Classy Christmas

There is nothing like creating a sensory experience in your living room or hallway than with an authentically decorated, real-life Christmas tree, provided you only purchase from a sustainable and eco-friendly supplier. 

Instead of covering the tree in an array of different sizes and shapes of baubles, choose some string lights in a warm white color and let the Norwegian feel do the talking. 

2. Treat Yourself to Ornate Cookie Jars 

5 Home Décor Ideas for a Classy Christmas

Nothing says Christmas like piles of sweet treats (extra points if they are homemade), but instead of keeping them in randomly designed plates and trays, treat yourself to a set of ornate, beautifully finished and strikingly seasonal Christmas cookie jars from maplegifts.co.uk

Obviously, it does not just have to be cookies and candy you keep in your new jars, and you could even choose to fill each container with wooden Christmas trees or other festive-themed decorations. 

3. Set the Scene Upon Entry 

5 Home Décor Ideas for a Classy Christmas 5 Home Décor Ideas for a Classy Christmas

Whether you are someone who rushes to put their Christmas decorations up as soon as September begins or else more traditionally waits until the first of December, it is important to present your newly revamped, elegant, and classy theme for the holidays right from the beginning. 

A beautifully decorated front door, with a Christmas wreath and mistletoe hanging over the door frame, is the perfect ‘chocolate box’ aesthetic you are looking for. Seasonal shrubs and evergreen plants to frame the entrance would also heighten the natural and classic feel. 

4. Don’t Forget Your Bedroom 

5 Home Décor Ideas for a Classy Christmas

Often, many people seem to neglect to decorate their upper floors and usually stick to the ground floor, specifically the living room, but just a few extra touches in your master bedroom can make a world of difference and help you get in touch with the spirit of Christmas.

You could even simply choose to hang an ornate and intricate garland across either the top side of the headboard or else around the base of the bed. Additionally, you could also look into specially scented Christmas candles in such aromas as:

  • Fresh or Natural Pine
  • Peppermint & Hot Chocolate
  • Winter Spice
  • Roasted Chestnuts 
  • Orange & Cinnamon 
  • Wood Wick 

5. Choose a Color Scheme 

5 Home Décor Ideas for a Classy Christmas

The fifth and final way to stick to a classier Christmas theme this year is to choose a specific color scheme and, more importantly, stick to it.

You could decide upon a traditional red and green base or move towards a gold and silver theme. However, whatever colors you use to decorate your tree, the ceiling, and the main colors in any ornaments or other decorations should blend seamlessly. 

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