How to Talk to a Parent With Dementia: A Helpful Guide


If you have a parent with dementia it can be a tough situation to navigate. No doubt it’s a painful event to witness your parent mentally deteriorate. The positive side to this is that there are multiple ways of communicating with your loved one.

There are specific strategies you can use to make it easier to talk to someone with dementia. This will help you build a strong bond with your loved one.

Are you interested in learning more? If so, continue reading to find out how to talk to a parent with dementia.

Don’t Have Any Distractions

The first step in talking to a parent that has dementia is to make sure there are no possible distractions. Find a comfortable and quiet place to speak with them. This will help you communicate effectively with your parent.

Make sure the TV is off and there is no music on in your home because these can be huge distractions. If you have to talk to your parent in a cafe or public place it’s best if it’s in a quiet corner.

If there is background noise it will be much harder to speak to your loved ones and they can become overwhelmed.

Speak in a Nice Way and Use Gestures

You want to make sure that when you speak with your parent it’s in an approachable way. Speak nicely, clearly, and simply to them. It’s also important that you talk to your parent in complete sentences.

Using your body language and gesturing to your parent will be very helpful. If you say that you want to go on a walk with them then you should follow up with a gestured invitation.

Say Your Name and Other’s Names

It’s crucial when dealing with a parent with dementia to address yourself and say your name first. This is better than saying what your relationship is to them. It can be less confusing for them as a whole.

You should call your parent by their name and then make sure to introduce yourself with your name second. They will be more willing to make a connection better with you this way.

The more frequent you use this strategy the better their reactions will be. It can be too confusing if you state your relationship to them. This site will be sure to help you get better at dealing with a parent with dementia.

Get Creative

It is special and helpful to your parent with dementia if you sing to them. Don’t be afraid to get creative and show them how much you care for them.

The Importance of Knowing How to Talk to a Parent with Dementia

By reading this now you should be able to understand the best ways of how to talk to a parent with dementia. You should make sure to not have any distractions, use gestures, address your name, and sing to them.

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