I Sleep You Sleep We all Sleep with iSense Sleep SMART Pillow

I Sleep You Sleep We all Sleep with iSense Sleep SMART Pillow

Even in my wildest, vivid, imagination, if I could design my own pillow to do everything I’d want it to, it still wouldn’t come close to what the iSense Sleep SMART Pillow does. This adjustable pillow has relieved my neck pain and has made going to sleep so much better. For once my pillow is staying just as fluffy as it was the day it arrived.

As you know, because I’ve mentioned this several times in the past, I suffer from chronic back pain due to failed back surgery. There are many nights when all I do is toss and turn without any sleep, trying to get comfortable with the pain. This adds to my pain because I then get neck pain from all of the movement. Which results in my not accomplishing anything during the day because I’m so tired. I’ve tried a dozen or more different pillows to see if they might raise my head up enough to get comfortable, but the longer I use them, the flatter they get and I’m back to square one.

Having received an iSense Sleep SMART Pillow to review gave me the chance to see if it is my pillows causing increased pain during the night and I’ve concluded that when my head is elevated perfectly, I do sleep better most of the time. The weather here has been crazy. First came the hurricane, then weeks of rain which resulted in flooding, and just when things were looking up and the sun popped out for a day, a cold front hit and now for the next 9 days we’re going to have icy rain with it. Weather, of course, affects my pain. Sometimes Mother Nature is against me. But even so, because of my new adjustable pillow (it’s fully adjustable, so you can add or remove fill to find the perfect pillow height for your individual needs), I’m able to sleep better during these times when it wouldn’t have been possible before.

I think it would be impossible to mention all of the amazing things this pillow does so I’m sharing the below video to you give you an idea.

If your pillow does not do the following, it’s time to make the switch.

1. Moisture controlled cover that stays cool while you sleep.
2. Patented gel infused memory foam for adaptable support.
3. Naturally adjusts to your preferred sleep position.
4. Height adjustable to suit your individual needs.
5. Bluetooth app connectivity to track and monitor your sleep.
6. Monitor your sleep score to enhance your sleep experience.

I Sleep You Sleep We all Sleep with iSense Sleep SMART Pillow

I Sleep You Sleep We all Sleep with iSense Sleep SMART Pillow

I Sleep You Sleep We all Sleep with iSense Sleep SMART Pillow

If you’re ready to take your sleep cycle to a whole new level, just head on over to iSense Sleep to learn more. If you know anyone who struggles with sleep, this would be the ideal gift for them this holiday season.

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  1. I could use this type of pillow here for sure. isense sounds super smart for people with back and neck pain too.

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