Level Up That Sparkle With These Clogau Bracelets

Level Up That Sparkle With These Clogau Bracelets

Clogau Jewelry is a Welsh jewellery company founded by William Roberts in 1992. Well-known for their Welsh gold and their wide range of jewellery pieces from pendants to the most beautiful bracelets, each item is a masterpiece in its own right. If you’re searching for something truly exquisite, consider their selection of pearl bracelets. Adorn your wrist with the timeless elegance of pearls, sourced and crafted with meticulous attention to detail. And if you’re in New Zealand, you can explore their stunning collection of pearl bracelet nz right here, adding a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

We have listed why all jewellery lovers need to add Clogau bracelets to their jewellery collections. As well as our top 5 picks of which bracelets should be on your must-have list. 

3 Reasons Why Clogau Bracelets are the Perfect Addition to your Jewellery Collection 

1. Uniquely designed 

Clogau bracelets are truly unique, with each of the Clogau bracelets having been uniquely designed catering to every taste. All their bracelets are hand-finished, which adds in the personal touch that has been lost by most jewellery companies these days. 

2. Highest-Quality 

Clogua takes pride in crafting their jewellery to ensure that only the highest-quality material has been used to make these items for their customers. Purchasing any piece of Clogau jewellery means that you are assured of having a high-quality piece of jewellery that will not tarnish just after a few wears. However, it is important to clean and polish all jewellery pieces periodically to maintain their shine. 

3. One for Every Occasion

There are Clogau bracelets for every occasion if you are looking for a bracelet that you can wear daily or even a bracelet to wear for a formal occasion. These bracelets will complete any look. Whether it is formal or casual, they will definitely be taken to the next level. 

Clogau has it all – with their wide range of bracelets, you will really be spoilt for choice. Luckily we have included our top 6 must-have Clogau bracelets that you need to add to your collection. 

Top 5 Must-Have Clogau Bracelets

It is time to level up that sparkle with these Clogau Bracelets. Here are our top 10 picks of must-have Clogau bracelets.  

1. Clogau Gold Tree of Life Bangle 

This stunning bracelet is a unique representation of Clogau jewellery as it has been made with Welsh Clogau Gold. It has been hand-crafted in 9 karat yellow and rose gold, the main feature of the bracelet is the beautiful leaves, wild vine and berries at the centre. This piece is beautiful for formal occasions as well as everyday wear. It is a must-have piece for any Clogau jewellery collector.

2. Clogau Tree of Life Bangle

If you love the Clogau Gold Tree of Life Bangle, you will love this piece in silver. It features the same beautiful leaves, wild vine and berries at the centre in 9 karats rose gold. Like the gold version, the bracelet can be worn for both formal and casual everyday wear. 

3. Clogau Milestones Tree of Life Bracelet 

This is a perfect bracelet to commemorate the most precious moment in life. For each special occasion, you can add a unique bead charm. The bracelet features the Tree of life as the latch for opening and closing the bracelet and two silver stoppers. This bracelet makes the perfect gift for loved ones with who you can share many special memories. It is also a great everyday wear bracelet that goes with almost every outfit.  

4. Clogau Cariad Bangle 

Cariad is Welsh for endearment, and the Clogau Cariad Bangle is the perfect representation of exactly that. Perfect for anyone that you want to love or even yourself. The bangle has been made with Welsh Clogau Gold and is 5mm wide while 17’’. This stunning bangle can be worn day or night and will be a beautiful addition to complete any outfit. 

5. Clogau Am Byth Bangle

The Clogau Am Byth Bangle is a very rare bracelet to get your hands on, and Clogau has discontinued this bracelet, so we recommend you purchase it while you can because it will truly be worth it. The beautiful bangle is a symbol of forever as Am Byth is Welsh for forever. It was made with Welsh Clogau Gold, making this bracelet even more special to your jewellery collection. This is a perfect piece of jewellery for formal occasions with its simplicity. This must-have piece will level up the sparkle of your outfit. 

Where can you get Clogau Bracelets from? 

You can get Clogau Bracelets from David Christopher, who has a very wide range of Clogau bracelets. Including the bracelets that are on our must-have list and even more! You will definitely find the Clogau bracelet that you are looking for at David Christopher. 

So don’t wait any longer and level up your sparkle with their range of Clogau bracelets today. 

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