9 Tips to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

9 Tips to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

Once you are sure about spending the rest of your life together, there is another major decision: the ring. Given that your other half will be in charge of picking it out, get it designed, and guess the right size, but you will have to wear it, there are some things to consider. Below you can find factors to start thinking about what your engagement ring will look like. However, you should consider that each couple is different, and not everything might work for your specific situation.

Involve your other half in the choice

Brides-to-be have very controversial opinions regarding whether they should be involved in the choice of the ring. Some couples do prefer to go shopping for the ring together to make sure that it is the right one. On the other hand, this might not be a valid suggestion for every couple about to get engaged. Ultimately, the choice of whether to involve your other half in the process is only yours. 

However, if you are avoiding this to respect the tradition, you should consider that today’s culture differs in many ways to the one of 100, 50, or 30 years ago. Since it is your wife-to-be who has to wear the ring every day of her life, you should not discard the possibility of involving her in such an important choice altogether. She might even appreciate it!

Pick a ring that tells a story.

A choice so crucial as choosing an engagement ring can be extremely overwhelming, especially for someone who is not that confident in the whole shopping process. Instead of opting for the biggest diamond or ring that you can afford, infuse your personality in the choice. 

Some people leave half of the band naked to add pieces of the puzzle in the future, while others opt for inscriptions inside the shack. In any case, adding a personal touch to the ring that reflects best your story or personality can override the size of the diamond!

9 Tips to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Consider custom-made rings

Due to the unlimited choice of rings on the market today, you are bound to find beautiful models that can catch your attention and fit your taste. However, these are not often cheaper than a custom-made one. Opting for crafting the perfect ring can give you many advantages, especially if you are not satisfied with the ones you have already seen. Additionally, custom-made pieces of jewelry allow you to select different materials and cuts.

Consider shape and materials.

Directly related to what we have seen above, you should consider that not all shapes and materials fit all brides. Considering the style and personality of your soon-to-be fiancée can give you an initial indication of what works better in your case. 

For example, beautiful oval halo diamond engagement rings can meet the preferences of someone that likes a simple, yet alternative style. But, just by changing the band, you can create a much more complex and elaborate design. 

Among the most common materials for an engagement ring, you can find:

  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold 
  • Rose Gold
  • Platinum
  • Silver

9 Tips to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Think about the wedding band

Of course, while several factors should be considered when picking a ring, you should not forget what comes after that! Most likely, you will be involved in the preparation of the wedding and selecting the wedding band is another important decision on your list. 

However, you can make both of your lives much easier by thinking of what the wedding bands will be in advance. Consequently, you will be able to figure out what engagement ring works best with the band you both would like. Naturally, more simple designs offer your more combination possibilities, but you might be able to find the perfect match even before the proposal!

Online vs. in-store shopping

Undoubtedly, shopping online for the perfect engagement ring gives you more choice of models, brands, shapes, and types. Oppositely, only visiting a reduced number of shops in your town or city will provide you with a limited range of products to choose from. However, perhaps, a compromise between the two options might offer you the best balance. 

Having a look online while starting to think about the sort of ring you would like to have is ideal for finding out all the different models and combinations. However, you might then require the opinion of an expert jeweler to create a ring that fits perfectly the preferences and physical needs of your soon to be fiancée.

9 Tips to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Consult an expert

If you are thinking about creating your custom-made engagement ring, you might decide to set off on searching for each stone and the metal for the band. However, doing so without consulting an expert beforehand might cause you to pick gems that won’t fit well together or that a specific jeweler might not want to work with. A phone call with an expert won’t last longer than half an hour, but it can help you streamline the process.

Should you buy a ring for him?

No doubt that the ring is a massive part of the proposal – and possibly one of the things a woman might look forward to the most. But what about a ring for him? In that case, would you buy a matching set of rings or something that best fits his personality? While the choice is only yours, thinking about this possibility might facilitate the decision of the ring later on.

9 Tips to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Only the time and place of the proposal should be a surprise!

Your engagement and the proposal are among the most breathtaking and essential moments in your life. However, thinking about getting married and being completely honest with each other before such an important moment is critical. 

Indeed, if it is entirely unexpected, you might feel like you are peer-pressured into a choice that might not be yours. Instead, speaking with your partner and becoming clear on where you both stand can make the moment even more magical. Of course, the time, place, and circumstances of the proposal should still be a surprise! 

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