Must-Have Microwaves for 2020

Must-Have Microwaves for 2020

Microwaves are one of the essential kitchen appliances because of its convenience. You can toss anything inside the microwave, press a few buttons, wait for a minute or two, then have your heated food ready. No wonder why a microwave oven is a staple for every home.

If you happen to be in the market currently searching for a new microwave oven to buy, this might help you find the microwave for your needs.

Standard Microwave or Convection Microwave?

Before we delve on the must-have microwaves for 2020, let us first discuss the difference between a standard microwave and a convection microwave.

In a nutshell, a standard microwave uses radio-frequency energy to heat food molecules that cook food from the inside, according to Kitchenbyte. On the other hand, a convection microwave uses a small fan to allow air movement, which then, in turn, heat the interior of the microwave. This helps in cooking food from the inside out.

Standard Microwaves

LG NeoChef MS42960MBS

If the heating time is on top of your priorities when choosing a microwave, then the LG NeoChef could be your best choice. This microwave drastically reduces reheating time because of its 1200W of power, certainly a better alternative to conventional ones that only have 1000W.

Another impressive feature of this microwave is that it contains an anti-bacterial coating that eliminates 99.99 percent of harmful microorganisms from its surface. This means cleaning the interior won’t be a hassle since a few wipes will do, because of the inherent anti-bacterial component.

Samsung 40L SmartSensor

One best feature of this microwave is that it contains Samsung’s impressive SmartSensor technology, which automatically detects humidity levels of food. Once the microwave detects the humidity level, it then adjusts cooking time and power to produce well-heated food.

This microwave also comes with a safety feature that enables you to lock the microwave door. This means accidents involving children around the home can be prevented. You will be rest assured that children will have decreased chances of being harmed in the kitchen.

Convection Microwaves

LG Neochef Inverter

Much like its standard microwave counterpart, the LG NeoChef Inverter is coated with an anti-bacterial component, repelling harmful microorganisms in the process. However, the best feature of this microwave is its air fry cooking method that aims to reduce oil consumption, perfect for health buffs.

This microwave is also one of the most aesthetically appealing microwaves in the market as it boasts a sleek design consisting of a tempered glass door that is scratch proof and black finish giving you that aesthetic look.

Sharp 800W Convection

If you want a convection microwave, but don’t want to break the bank, then the Sharp 800W Convection is your best option. This microwave gives you the general functions of a convection microwave, such as defrosting, reheating, and cooking.

It also has added functions such as Double Grill and Combo Cook that lets you experience the best of microwave power and grill heat.

Choosing a microwave shouldn’t be a confusing and challenging choice. There is no right or wrong answer in choosing one of these appliances because it all boils down to preference.

If you need a microwave to heat food and light cooking merely, then a standard one will do. However, if you plan on doing baking or heavy cooking, then a convection microwave is your best choice.

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