A Layman’s Guide on How to Go Solar

A Layman's Guide on How to Go Solar

In 2019, solar energy accounted for 1.8 percent of total electricity production in the United States. However, this doesn’t give a complete picture of solar power’s rising demand.

Solar installations have been on a steady increase. There are now well over 2 million installations across the country.

It’s easy to see why more people are turning to solar energy. It’s clean, which is a plus for the environment, and cost-effective. When you install solar, you get rid of energy bills.

Read to reap these benefits?

Here’s a guide on how to go solar.

Hire a Solar Installation Company to Do the Job

If you’re a homeowner or business owner who also owns the building that houses the business, going solar is as easy as hiring a solar installation company such as the solar installers albury wodonga.

There are a couple of things you need to know before hiring an installer. Different companies offer differently-priced services, so you need to know your budget before signing up.

Don’t fall for a company that gives you a quote without physically assessing your property. A legitimate installer will ask to visit the site and establish your energy consumption habits before giving you a quote.

After finding the right solar company, its technicians will do everything from installing the solar panels to teaching you how to operate the system.

Hook Up Your Property to a Solar Power Utility Grid

Installing solar panels isn’t a cheap project, especially if your property is large. Even after taking solar advantage in terms of federal and local tax credits, you’re still bound to spend well over $10,000 on solar installation.

If you don’t have this kind of money sitting around, it doesn’t mean you can’t go solar. It just means you can’t have solar panels atop your roof yet. What you need to do is go on-grid.

There are solar companies that harvest solar energy and distribute it via a grid system, much like other power companies do. Identify one such company in your region and ask it to connect your home or business to its grid. Click here to Buy Solar Panels In Ireland.

If there are multiple on-grid companies in your area, shop around and find the one that offers cheaper and reliable rates. When you hook up your home to the solar grid, you’ll still be getting energy bills at the end of the month.

Solar Battery Storage

Did you know that you can make money back on your solar energy by investing in Solar battery storage? Through this technical innovation solar battery storage stores, any excess energy gathered during daylight hours.

This means you will have an extra power reserve in case of a power outage or whenever you need it. You can also sell your excess energy during peak times and earn extra money back. With a few easy clicks, you’ll be on your way to find the best solar battery and maximizing your solar energy. It’s a great idea to keep in your back pocket!

Use Portable Solar Systems

The first two methods of going solar aren’t for everyone. If you live in a rental, for instance, you might not have permission to install solar in the property.

This is where portable solar devices and systems come in.

There’s a wide range of solar portables, form solar generators to solar charging panels, you can buy and use them in and around your property. You can, for instance, decide to exclusively charge your electronic devices using a portable solar charger.

This way, you would have gone solar in your own little way!

How to Go Solar Simplified!

There are compelling reasons to embrace solar energy. It’s good for the environment, reliable, and will save you a ton of money when you look at the bigger picture. With this guide on how to go solar, you now know the various methods you can use to bring this clean source of energy into your property.

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