Nailing The Eclectic Look: 4 Home Design Rules

Are you the type of person that can’t decide on a single style? Maybe you have too much stuff and need to fit it in one house? Either way, the fashion which best suits your needs is called eclectic design. As the name suggests, it’s the process of including as many elements as possible regardless of style, color, shape, or size. The first rule of this look is that where there is a will, there is a way. Of course, being an assorted trend means that there are plenty more do’s and don’ts to add to the list. Below are the four most important ones. If we listed them all, you’d be here all day!

Do: Be Careful With Placement

“Great, I can throw as many things together as I want and it will look amazing!” Whoa, whoa, whoa – let’s stop right there because the premise isn’t true. Although the name implies a carefree attitude, there is still an element of structure to the style. People, we’re homeowners, not animals! So, no matter how lazy and “relaxed” you are, you shouldn’t skimp out on the layout. Remember little hacks such as using neutral colors, or squares and circles. The former, for example, creates a foundation for bold, vivid pieces.

Don’t: Forget The Focal Point

Another mistake is to assume that everything is a focal point. After all, almost all the items in the house are loud and scream “look at me!” The main issue is that attention-seeking pieces will clash. A sofa wants the limelight as much as the in-your-face artwork on the wall. Therefore, the trick is to find a middle ground by making one of the features the king of the hill. You may even decide that bedroom armoires or kitchen appliances are better suited for the job. As long as the focal point grabs everyone’s attention and takes the pressure off the room as a whole, it doesn’t matter what you pick.

Do: Flow From One To The Next

One thing to grasp about this trend is the need to be consistent. The house will look weird if the style stops abruptly in one room and changes to something else. Take a gander at the image below on Pinterest. Whoever the homeowner is, they have decided to cover the walls of the room in photos. So, in the next room, they should follow the same principle. It may not be photos – it can be accessories such as lamps – but something must crowd together.

Don’t: Go Live Instantly

People like to splash paint samples on the walls and choose the hues in a live setting. Unfortunately, it’s a terrible idea as things can get confusing. Rather than walking before you can crawl, it’s better to practice in a safe environment. Pinterest has already been named-dropped in this post, yet it’s an excellent site for merging ideas into one. Simply pin anything that stands out and then mix and match until the balance is perfect.

Now that you know the rules, is the eclectic style something you think you can pull off?


  1. Photos are definitely my thing, I love the design ideas here, mismatched chic looks so much more stylish.

  2. I don’t think I’d be able to pull off an eclectic look. I’m afraid it will just make our house look cluttered and that’s opposite of what I want to achieve right now. I suppose if I had an expert do it for me though it will look great.

  3. I am not that great with home decor. This really gave me some awesome insight on what I need to be doing.

  4. For home decor, I’m really into mixed metals. Love mixing gold and silvers

  5. That last picture is kind of how I want my home to look. Like it is bursting with good times and memories!

  6. A friend of mine has a wall full of pictures similar to this and it is definitely eye catching and gorgeous. Everyone always admires it.

  7. These are great ideas. I love a room with walls full of pictures (like the ones you have shown).

  8. These are some great tips! There is something about the eclectic look that I always love, but it isn’t something I have managed to pull of myself.

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