Characterful Changes for Your Dining Room

Characterful Changes for Your Dining Room

Some people say that dining rooms are going out of fashion and that people tend to eat elsewhere today. However, a dining room can still be a great space to enjoy meals with family and friends. Even if you don’t have a separate dining room, you likely have a dining space in your kitchen or open-plan living space. Your dining space can be a bit loosely put together and might end up being a neglected area where interior design is concerned. If you feel like it lacks in character, it doesn’t take much to improve it with some interesting touches.

Characterful Changes for Your Dining Room

Choose a Statement Table

Your dining table is the primary focal point in your dining room. It’s the largest piece of furniture there, so it’s not exactly something you can hide or draw attention from. So putting a lot of thought into what your table looks like makes sense. If you don’t want to buy a new table, it’s not necessary to give your dining room a new look. There are other ways to make changes to your table, from painting or glossing it to adding accessories and decorations. A table runner or tablecloth could be enough to transform its look completely.

Mix Up Your Chairs

A matching set of dining chairs might help everything to look uniform. But if you want to add more character to space, you should think about choosing a few different complementary but non-matching chairs. Apart from the table, your chairs are the most important pieces of dining room furniture. Even if you’re used to thinking of dining chairs as something that should match, thinking outside of the box, a little can help your chairs to stand out more. Choose two pairs of chairs, or perhaps make two or three chairs out of six different from the rest. Or maybe none of your chairs will match.

Make a Feature of Lighting

Having a light hanging over your dining table is practical, but it can also be super stylish. If you want another way to make a statement with your dining space, position your table underneath a striking light feature. From chandeliers to pendant lights, you can choose something eye-catching that works for everything from family dinners to dinner parties. You can also think about how the light functions. If you can change its intensity, it’s perfect for adjusting the ambiance in the room and creating either a warm glow for an intimate evening or a bright and focused space.

Get Your Colors Right

Colors are also important to consider if you want to add character to your dining room. It doesn’t matter what colors you choose. You just have to use them in the right way. You could create a casual and rustic look by layering lots of neutrals, or you could really make the room pop with something bright. Pastels can help to create a classic, timeless look.

Give your dining room a makeover and ensure it’s full of character with some stand-out touches.

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