Planning for the Inevitable: 4 Tips to Prepare for Funeral Services

Planning for the Inevitable: 4 Tips to Prepare for Funeral Services

No one wants to prepare for funeral services or think about the passing of a loved one. But since there is a 100% chance you will have one, it is a good idea to have a funeral plan.

Like a safety net bank account, once you have one, you will never have to think about it again. And it will be a huge weight off your mind and make it so much easier on your friends and family when the time comes.

Not sure where to begin? Here are some top tips for preparing your end-of-life services.

1. Prepare a Savings Fund for Your Funeral

The first thing to take care of when preparing your funeral arrangements is the cost. You do not want your family to have the burden of payment as well as your passing.

The average cost of a funeral in the US is $9,000. This price includes the following:

  • Casket
  • Embalming
  • Plot
  • Flowers
  • Clothes
  • Grave marker
  • Vault
  • Hearse

Cremations are likely cheaper and the costs listed above do not include a headstone. But putting aside a few thousand dollars for your funeral is far better than nothing.

2. Plan Your Disposition

The main question when faced with the death of a loved one is whether they wanted to be buried or cremated. Or a different option like buried at sea or have their remains donated to science.

Don’t leave the guesswork to your family and include your disposition plans in your will. If you want to be cremated, your loved ones will be able to find a cremation near me safe in the knowledge that is what you wanted.

3. Create a Funeral Plan

When you start to prepare for funeral services, keep in mind that, yes, it is a celebration of your life. But it is mainly a chance for your loved ones to say goodbye. Here are some things to consider in your funeral plan:

  • Type of service e.g. religious or secular
  • Type of location
  • Readings
  • Songs
  • Photographs
  • Wake

Some people do not want loved ones to wear black and some do. Whatever you decide, write it all down and make sure those closest to you know your plans. You could also include a copy of your funeral plan with your will.

4. Write Your Own Obituary (or Part of It)

The final funeral preparation tip is optional, but you could write your own obituary. Or, at least include stories and anecdotes you want people to hear about at your funeral.

This is helpful if you live in a different country than the one where you grew up as some people will know about parts of your life and not others. It will also help the officiant at your funeral prepare their speech for you.

Prepare for Funeral Services Sooner Rather Than Later

If you consider all these tips, then you will be able to prepare for funeral services so your family and friends do not have to. You can rest knowing your loved ones will grant your end-of-life wishes and you have not burdened them with costs and decisions.

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