Preventive Care Tips for Men to Stay Healthy

Preventive Care Tips for Men to Stay Healthy

Both men and women require preventive health care for improved quality of life and savings on future medical expenses. Every man should take care of their health by focusing on the physical and psychological conditions that can lead to illnesses or diseases. Prabhdeep Singh, MD, FACP, is an El Centro men’s health specialist who offers preventive care to help men stay in good physical and mental shape. Below are preventive care tips to better health, common screening tests, and why it is essential to see a doctor. 

Tips for Better Health

The first step to staying healthy is to ensure you eat a balanced diet that consists of vegetables, fruits, and good proportions of fiber. Vegetables and fruits supply the body with minerals and vitamins. Proteins such as fish and poultry are essential for lean muscles. You can limit the intake of saturated fat, sugar, and sodium.

You need a workout program that includes walking, swimming, jogging, and cycling.  Exercises help in strengthening your muscles and managing your weight. Subsequently, this is vital in reducing the risk of other conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, and stroke.

It is vital to make some changes in your lifestyle. For instance, you can lose weight, stop smoking, limit alcohol intake and protect the skin from harmful sun rays. Also, you can avoid stressful situations by managing your relationships.

Some health problems are due to irresponsible sexual behaviors and therefore, it is essential to practice safe sex. Additionally, avoid harmful situations such as stunts or extreme sports that can increase the risk of injury and death. Always have your seatbelts on when in a moving car and wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

Why it is Essential to See a Doctor

You will need certain health assessments every year. For instance, a dental and optical test should be conducted at least twice per year.

During a visit to the clinic, your specialist checks your blood pressure. You can have a flu shot every year, Tdap shot for tetanus, whooping cough, and diphtheria. Also, after the age of 50, you can have a colon test.

Questions to Ask During an Appointment

After booking an appointment with Prabhdeep Singh, MD, FACP, you can seek answers to why preventive health care is vital. Your specialist provides all the details covering probable screening tests, shots, and vaccines. 

Also, you get to know the specific dates for the procedures. Your doctor guides you on medications, supplements, and vitamins that can prevent injuries or disease.  Buy Men’s Health Products Online to help you save money and to avoid going to numerous stores to buy everything you need.

Common Screening Tests

Preventive care for men includes screening for several illnesses such as colorectal and prostate cancer. These are the most common conditions affecting men above the age of 50. In most cases, prostate cancer progresses slowly, with no symptoms at all.

During the screening, Prabhdeep Singh, M.D., FACP, evaluate symptoms such as pain and difficulty when urinating. Also, other symptoms, such as erectile dysfunction and prostate gland swelling, are assessed. Your doctor conducts a blood test to diagnose prostate cancer and, after that, recommends treatment.

If you have a health concern, contact your specialist for diagnosis and treatment. The primary objective is to relieve any symptoms that you may have and prevent the condition from worsening.

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