What Everyone Deserves to Know About Eye Exams

What Everyone Deserves to Know About Eye Exams

Imagine losing your ability to see as a result of factors you could have prevented. To avoid such a predicament, you should schedule regular eye check-ups to identify underlying conditions and possible remedies to preserve your eyesight. Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, offers comprehensive tests using advanced technology to keep your eyes safe from chronic conditions like diabetes. If you need a comprehensive eye exam in Jacksonville, Florida, contact the practice to book an appointment with Dr. Stephen Wolchok.

About Comprehensive Eye Exams

When you reach the age of forty, it is recommended you complete a comprehensive eye exam. You may do so by visiting Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, to receive a baseline eye exam. This particular test identifies major problems, like diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration, and glaucoma, which tend to be more prevalent after forty. By using a comprehensive eye exam, your provider will be able to identify possible issues and viable solutions.

Certain risk factors can hasten the development of eye problems; hence, the need for immediate attention. If you’re suffering from systemic conditions like hypertension and diabetes, it’s best to seek medical attention before attaining forty. Additionally, you may visit the practice for past eye health problems, help with a family history of eye complications, and vision correction.

About Eye Exams

Wolchok Eye Associates, PA aims to find the root cause of your complications through use of the following comprehensive exams;

  •       Peripheral vision test
  •       Pupil response test
  •       Current medical review
  •       Family medical history
  •       Personal medical history
  •       Visual acuity test with an eye chart
  •       Phoroptor test to determine your eligibility for glasses
  •       Intraocular eye pressure check for glaucoma
  •       Ocular motility test of eye muscles, movement, and alignment
  •       Retina and optic nerve exam of the back of your eye (uncovers diabetic eye disease and macular degeneration)
  •       Slit-lamp microscope exam of your front eye (detects corneal damage, cataracts, and other issues)

Based on your current needs and specific history, your provider may also recommend additional testing to check your eye measurements for contact lenses.

Frequency of Eye Exams

The required frequency for your eye exams mainly depends on your specific eye needs. Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, runs a series of tests, takes into consideration your specific diagnosis, and thoroughly reviews your medical history to make personalized and needs-based recommendations regarding the frequency of your visits.

Even if your eyes are in good shape and don’t require vision correction, you shouldn’t skip appointments. Avoiding your scheduled eye exams may create room for serious and sometimes symptomless eye complications, like glaucoma, to develop.

In case of conditions like diabetes, your doctor may recommend more frequent eye exams. Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, specializes in diabetic eye exams with a team that can check for abnormalities in the nerve and blood vessels that are a result of high glucose levels. By regularly attending appointments, your doctor will be better able to recognize possible dangers to your vision long before you do.

Other Services Offered at Wolchok Eye Associates

  • Cataract surgery
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration
  • Dry eyes
  • Floaters
  • Glasses
  • Red-eye

Final Thoughts

If you can see, take the liberty of protecting your eyes from conditions that could negatively affect your vision. By age forty, your vulnerability to eye problems magnifies; hence, the need for regular check-ups to identify problems in the early stages. During your visit to Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, Dr. Wolchok will run conclusive tests to determine your eligibility for regular visits.

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