Dogs really are man’s best friend in America.

Indeed, 60.2 million households around the country have at least one hound at home! Loyal, cuddly, and full of personality, dogs make the perfect companion for any family.

Lacking the right training, though, they can be one almighty handful too.

Just bought a brand new puppy? Now’s the time to teach it how to behave.

Want to learn 4 puppy basics to teach your new dog ASAP?

Keep reading.

1. Potty Training

Let’s face it:

Nobody wants to walk into a house full of doggy doo-doo. Teaching your new puppy where to go to the toilet is likely to be a primary concern!

The good news is that doing so shouldn’t take too long. The key is to get started early and be consistent. Take your puppy outside in the morning and to the same spot each time to do their business.

Stay with them throughout, and reinforce the ‘good behavior’ with treats and praise.

2. Crate Training

Some new dog owners don’t like the thought of putting their puppy in a crate at night.

They see it as cruel and unfair.

That feeling is compounded when the dogs start pining and whining! Few things in life are more difficult to hear than an upset puppy. Thankfully, there are many ways to stop your puppy crying at night. That post should help.

However, crates can also play an important role in keeping them safe. It means they can’t wander around when you aren’t there, eating items that could harm them, or causing damage to the house.

Be sure to get yourself a crate a set about training your puppy to sleep in it.

3. Social Skills

Dogs are naturally pack-animals!

They’re social creatures, just like us, and benefit from being around other dogs.

However, just like humans, social skills don’t always come naturally. Dogs must learn how to interact with other dogs from an early age. Leave it too late and they won’t learn the social skills required.

Let your puppy play with other dogs who you know to be gentle and comfortable around pups. They’ll learn the ropes of behaving and playing appropriately with others.

4. Comfort in Cars

It’s never easy when dogs dislike cars.

It hinders your ability to take them anywhere. Likewise, it can make it harder to go away anywhere for an extended period (assuming you can’t find dog sitters!).

The trick is to ensure the first ride is a pleasant one. Alternatively, try to help them associate the car with positive feelings. Sit with them inside it, giving them treats, toys, and cuddles.

Get to a point where they’re happy being in the car.

From there, gradually build up to short car journeys, then longer ones, and so on.

Remember These Puppy Basics

Everyone loves puppies.

How could you not?! They’re adorable little bundles of fur.

However, it’s also important to give them the right training. Hopefully, the puppy basics above have covered 4 essential things to teach them.

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