Top 5 Real Estate Gurus to Follow

Top 5 Real Estate Gurus to Follow

Many find the real estate industry cut-throat. Agents do their best to survive while only the absolute best of them make success look easy.

Hungry new realtors should look to the real estate gurus to learn how to best navigate this profession. Who are they? Keep reading to find out!

Want Great Advice? Follow These 5 Real Estate Gurus

Everybody wants to lead their industry. But, the best leaders know who to follow.

Here are five well-known real estate gurus list who will show you how to get ahead of the game!

1. Grant Cardone

Leaders come from all walks of life. This guy, one of the biggest real estate influencers who is now worth over $300 million, sprouted up from the unemployment line due to his drug addiction.

Grant Cardone grew up with a rough life. After his father passed away he was one of five children raised by a single mother. His story inspires people across the country to build strength from adversity and always strive for success.

To learn from him:

  • Read one of his eight books
  • Look up some or the best Grant Cardone quotes
  • Login in for his sales training university online
  • Attend one of his massive business conferences

He can teach you a thing or two about succeeding in the industry as well as reaching each and every goal you set throughout your life.

2. Ricky Carruth

If you want to do well, look to people who understand that your success does not hinder theirs, and learn that sentiment. Everybody hears of real estate agents who step all over their co-workers to make sales.

But, do they sell over 100 properties each year, like Ricky Carruth? This guy stuck to his core values to build his empire.

He offers a full real estate coaching course called Zero to Diamond that teaches you how to stick to this value system and succeed. The best part, the entire course is free!

3. Samantha Debianchi

Looking to follow a female leader? Check out Samantha Debianchi!

At the young age of 32, she has built up an empire of high-value clientele, made it on Million Dollar Listings, and founded two companies of her own. Follow her Twitter account to learn useful insights into the real estate biz.

4. Andy Dane Carter

Andy Dane Carter is one of the best real estate investing gurus to follow this year. One of the top takeaways Andy will give you as an agent is to build yourself rather than somebody else’s corporation.

He believes that agents should invest in properties themselves rather than settle on small commissions for selling them to others. Read his books and seek out coaching for solid investment advice.

5. Dottie Herman

Forbes dubbed Dottie Herman the “richest self-made woman in real estate.” She does not hoard her success tricks all to herself.

Instead, Herman writes a blog and allows you to ask her questions. She hopes to build a business community of people who think and take action to lead the way to greater successes!

Chic Up Your Business

Do not simply work in real estate to chase a living. Create a chic business that builds you a fantastic life. Follow advice from awesome real estate gurus!

We know all about making the best out of things. Read more life-improving tips on our website!

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