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Refresh and Restore: Tips to Make Your Car Look New Again

Refresh and Restore: Tips to Make Your Car Look New Again

Very few people do not genuinely appreciate a new car, not just for its objective qualities and features but also for the “on top of the world” feeling it gives its new owner. Sadly, in most cases, the novelty quickly wears off and with the passage of time, the unavoidable wear-and-tear of the once-new ride becomes increasingly apparent. And so, the feeling of exhilaration passes quickly for most and they inevitably start saving for the next new shiny object, a tedious and time-consuming process. A vast majority of cars are still quite functional at the moment they are exchanged for a new one, so a better and cheaper investment might be a better solution, as it can give you the same thrill with less hassle. Stay tuned to see how.

Shiny doesn’t have to be new

Refresh and Restore: Tips to Make Your Car Look New Again

Shiny is how we would describe just about any new car. From the hood to the boot, it looks pristine and the interior is unblemished by whatever drink most regularly gets spilt on the seats. It’s like a piece of art one can marvel at and the inside of the car can be enthralling, just as the smell of the leather seats can entice the feeling of power within you. But as we’ve already mentioned, this does not last very long, and however well you care for your car, scratches, stains and blemishes are bound to happen sooner or later. Luckily, this can be remedied with a bit of spare time and dedicated cleaning. Washing your car thoroughly might not seem like the most innovative idea ever, but it can do wonders if you’re planning to make it look brand new. Be sure to cover both the inside and the outside, and pay extra attention to the places which are most prone to getting dirty. As for the scratches, an automotive touch-up paint kit could come in handy if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money in an auto body shop. 

Give it a makeover

Refresh and Restore: Tips to Make Your Car Look New Again

There is a multitude of ways how you could customise your vehicle to fit your personality and style, from attractive JDM car stickers and a new set of headlights to internal cosmetic changes such as leather seat covers, LED interior lights or a steering wheel cover. Besides looking attractive, some of these can also provide other benefits when it comes to functionality and the pleasantness of the drive. If your car is working just fine but you’re looking for the thrill of the new, customisation might just be the solution for you. Sometimes, something as simple as changing the floor mats or the exhaust tip can make all the difference in your personal sense of excitement, but if you’re looking for a real way to flaunt your style, try combining a new hood ornament with those stickers.

Utility upgrades

Refresh and Restore: Tips to Make Your Car Look New Again

For some, it’s not just about looking good, it’s also about the performance. While it is a matter of fact that newer cars are better equipped with the latest technology available, it’s also true that most of the equipment (or at least a version of it) can be installed as additions to older models as well. To increase general performance, consider options offered by short-throw shifters which make shifting gears considerably easier, as well as a boost controller. On the other hand, performance-oriented upgrades can also be partially cosmetic, so you don’t necessarily have to choose between the two categories. Fender flares, hood protection and tailgate protection can help you add an extra layer of protection to your ride, all while making it look more attractive. Finally, there are upgrades that are focused purely on the internal utility of the vehicle, meaning, they will make your drive easier and more enjoyable. In this category are the GPS systems, cameras, Bluetooth devices and phone holders which are non-essential, yet infinitely practical. Careful not to mix them with the cosmetic upgrades too much or you might not want to leave your car at all.

At the end of the day, which of these upgrades, if any, are going to be made to a vehicle, is up to the driver and their personal preferences. But one thing is certain, all of these upgrades are significantly more affordable than buying a new car, and installing them can be a lot more fun as well.

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