5 Ways to Give Your Car the Makeover it Deserves

5 Ways to Give Your Car the Makeover it Deserves

We get so much use out of cars, it’s no wonder they can start to look a little tired after some time. However, if you can keep your car in good condition and look after it, it’s going to last you much longer, and it’s going to look good for longer too. 

There are lots of ways you can give your car the makeover it deserves, and here are some of the best. 

Tinted Windows 

Tinted windows add an extra level of prestige to your car and give it an enhanced look.

As well as looking good, tinted windows also have a practical purpose, protecting it from harmful UV rays, keeping your interior from fading, adding privacy and security, and keeping the car cooler. 

Make sure you’re getting your window tinting done by professionals such as San Diego auto glass and drive away with a new look. 

New Tires 

Your tires make a huge difference to the way your car handles, and you need to make sure you’ve still got enough tread on them. A new set of tires can make your car feel brand new and make your car far safer. Similarly, upgrading performance parts like the n54 charge pipe can also enhance your driving experience and improve your car’s performance.

Driving around on bald tires can be extremely dangerous and you’re required to have a certain amount of tread left on them. If your tread’s getting low, then it’s time to get a fresh set of boots on your vehicle. 

Give it a Clean

The best way to keep your car looking pristine is to clean it regularly and take care of it. There’s no point sprucing up your car if you’re going to let it get dirty, so make sure you get into the habit of regularly cleaning. 

There are lots of pollutants in our atmosphere that can damage your paintwork, so make sure you’re keeping it looking fresh with a good clean. 

Ceramic Coating 

If you want to go a step further than just regularly cleaning your car, you can get a ceramic coating. 

A ceramic coating gives your exterior an extra layer of protection, meaning dirt and grime doesn’t stick to the paint surface in the same way, making it that bit easier to clean. Most importantly, ceramic coatings can help protect against chips and scratches that result from day-to-day use. 

They also look amazing and really help protect your car, so it’s worth looking at getting a ceramic coating. 


The rims are always one of the most eye-catching parts of a car. Again though, they need plenty of care and attention if they’re to stay in top condition. 

Brake dust and other pollutants can accumulate on your rims and eat into the alloy, so it’s important that when you clean the rest of your car you don’t forget them. 

If your alloys are starting to look quite worn, then it’s worth taking them into your local garage to see if they can touch them up for you. If you want the complete makeover, then it’s also a great option to upgrade to some custom rims and really allow your car to stand out. 

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