Safe and Effective Weight Loss Methods

Safe and Effective Weight Loss Methods

Are you struggling to lose weight? Have you tried all the ways on how to, and none of them seem to work? Worry no more because Lonestar Bariatrics got your back. As much as weight loss is about hard work, commitment, consistency, and determination, sometimes it’s more challenging than you can imagine leading to hopelessness. Our bodies contribute more to how we look and feel about ourselves, and when we are not happy with that, it steals our joy and leads to unfulfillment and low living. It can be depressing and challenging to live with a body you are not proud of. Lone Star Bariatric specializes in offering surgical weight loss services to help you achieve your desired body goal and live happy better lives.

The leading practice operates under Chad Carlton, MD, FACS, FASBMS, who ensures effective weight-loss services. The experienced and board-certified care providers guarantee you the best experience and excellent results through their detailed and well-researched weight loss programs. Besides weight loss services, they also offer nutritional counseling with the licensed nutritionist Allison Rezentes, MS, FD/LD to help patients understand how their food affects their health and weight gain. They offer professional care to help everyone with their weight loss journey through customized and patient-centered care.

The weight loss specialists dedicate themselves to providing specialized care and extra attention to people of all walks of life, including obese and diabetic patients. They also offer help to patients who have regained weight after bariatric surgery or have encountered other surgical issues. The team understands and is respectful to all their patients’ needs, treating them with so much care to help them achieve their goals. They offer adequate consultation time to provide patients with all the information they need to know before making their decisions. They ensure they create lasting relationships with them, making them feel like family.

They offer services such as

Gastric sleeve

A gastric sleeve is a minimally invasive procedure that can help you lose an incredible amount of weight and lower your risk of getting heart disease or stroke. Visit LoneStar Bariatric today for services with a lot of love and care.


Obesity mostly causes type 2 diabetes. Bariatric surgery helps improve the condition and even provides a permanent solution. The bariatric surgeon Dr. Chad Carlton has a lot of experience managing such cases and is ready to help you manage your diabetes through surgical and nonsurgical ways. Call them today or book online for an appointment.

Weight matters are personal and sensitive and should only come from the person concerned. Sometimes it’s hard to achieve fulfilling results even after putting in a lot of effort. LoneStar Bariatric offers surgical weight loss services to help you achieve your desired body physique. They are caring and understanding to all their patients, providing them exceptional customer services. Dr. Carlton and the team also offer professional nutritional counseling to help patients with weight management. Their services are top standard, safe, and useful. They value their patients and strive to provide them with individualized care. They welcome new and existing patients. Visit them today in Plano and Waxahachie, Texas, to achieve your dream body goal and lower your risk of chronic diseases.

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