Shopping for clothes and accessories with Om and Ah London

Shopping for clothes and accessories with Om and Ah London

Om and Ah London is a Yoga inspired clothing brand that offers a range of ethically sourced apparel. The collection of items offered by Om & Ah includes soft and cozy yoga apparel, tees, lounge wear, and so on. You can also find quoted homeware of various kinds and gift items as well.

Om and Ah London items are not only cozy and comfortable, but they are also free of negativity and tell an inspirational and heartfelt story. Some of the items offered on Om & Ah includes: 

 Women clothing: Om & Ah offers a range of absolutely gorgeous and super flattering female outfits. The collection of female wears include several ethically sourced easy to wear and stylish clothing that is sure to become every woman’s staple wardrobe item. There are both long and short sleeve tees, cozy sweats, hoodies, and pullovers. 

 In addition to being simple but trendy, Om and Ah women wear also bears fabulous printed logos such as Perfectly Imperfect, Be Kind, Glorious Goddess, and so on. You can also find a collection of tops bearing fab logos matching your zodiac sign or if you are a fan of poetry you can go for long and short sleeve tees with poems printed on them. 

 Click here to learn more about Om & Ah London founders Claire Cooper and Charlotte Girdwood

Men clothing: Om and Ah’s collection of male clothing includes a range of gorgeous and trendy tees and sweaters for men. These timeless wears are just as simple and cozy as the women’s clothing collection and are ethically sourced as well. The collection includes “Be Kind” and “Be positive” Men tees, Demons and Part wolf tees, “Wise Words” Men sweaters, and several hoodies from various collections. 

Accessories: in addition to offering beautiful clothing items, Om and Ah also sell an impressive range of branded household accessories. This includes scented candles, mugs, cushion covers, crystal water bottles, and so on. The enamel mugs and other household accessories are branded with various inspiring quotes and taglines from the various collections. There are also tote bags featuring some insta-fab logos and prints as well. 

Why you should shop with Om and Ah London 

Shopping for clothes and accessories with Om and Ah London

Ethically sourced: if you are concerned about where the clothes you wear come from then Om and Ah is the right place to shop. The items are sourced from the most ethically responsible suppliers around and they are all made under safe and environmentally friendly conditions. Om and Ah as a brand only works with manufacturers that are certified as sweatshop-free and all products are sustainable and eco-friendly. Even the postal bags with which orders are delivered are recycled. The company also hopes to add more organic wares to its lines keeping with its ethical ethos. 

Read here for some reasons why everyone should shop ethically. 

Simple but trendy: Sometimes wearing too much can be overwhelming and simple is the way to go. And as many people have come to find out, simple can be trendy too. The collection of clothing offered by Om and Ah is great for the minimalist that likes trendy clothes. 

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 Timeless: clothes fall in and out of trend every time but Om and Ah offer clothing items that remain relevant in and out of seasons which makes them top choices for men and women. 

 Inspiring: Om and Ah pride themselves on their highly inspiring collection of apparel. All the tees, hoodies, sweaters, and shirts in the Om and Ah collections are branded with inspirational quotes, poems, and taglines that tell stories, share personal messages and inspire with super cool vibes. 


 As a stylish and ethical lifestyle brand, Om and Ah London is a clothing store highly passionate about offering items by only trusted suppliers and manufacturers. There are several high-standard clothing and different collections to choose from for fashionable men and women as well as household accessories that you will love if you are a fan of trendy, timeless, and simple wear. Visit the Om and Ah online store to order your preferred product or sign up as a wholesaler for their products. 

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