Some Essential Tips for Moving into Your First House

Some Essential Tips for Moving into Your First House

Even though the tenant life has its upsides, neither it nor they last forever. Thus, at some point in life, when the all necessary stars align, you will come to purchase your very first home. With this purchase will come another first – the first grand move of your life. In truth, no matter how many times you move, stress and a few misplaced items will always be a pivotal part of the process. With that said, here are a few secrets that just might help with that first-time movers’ anxiety.

Inspect the house

Before pinning down a moving date, the new house will need to be inspected. Although everything may look fine on the surface, problems like an unsteady beam or even just a faulty faucet could cause trouble further down the road. Thus, the best option would be to call an inspector and make a list of all the maintenance and repairs that should be done. After all, knowing that all is well and working will lower the anxiety levels for move-in day.

Connect the internet

Although establishing an Internet connection comes across as an obvious to-do, a lot of first-time movers tend to forget about it. If the internet is going to be up and running on moving day, the service provider is going to need to know two to three weeks beforehand. Making a reminder to book the service provider in advance is a simple task and one that will surely save you from spending the first few weeks in your house without a decent internet connection.

Schedule a moving company

Newspapers and commercials seem to be overflowing with moving advertisements these days. However, although moving companies appear to be popping up at every corner, they’re not as easy to book as it looks. When moving to a rapidly expanding city like Sydney or Brisbane, you’ll need to book a moving company at least two to three weeks in advance. Luckily, finding a company for ute hire in Brisbane has never been easier. The type of van, moving date, and moving company are just a click away.

Declutter (or at least try to)

A new house doesn’t have to be just a novel arrangement of rooms. Rather, it can be or at least symbolize a new beginning. However, to do that, not every throw pillow and cable can find its way into the new house. Thus, when starting to pack the first boxes, think of one word – decluttering. If an item hasn’t been used or seen in over three months, it can go in either the donation pile or straight to the trash. Although this process may not be easy, it is necessary. The decluttering may even act as a cleansing process, clearing the way for you to grow and move forward in the new house.

Label the boxes

Even after an extreme declutter, first-time movers tend to end up with a lot of packed boxes and it’s crucial to label every single one. Whatever goes in the box should be explicitly noted on the side as well. To make it easier, experienced movers tend to pack similar items together. Thus, even though the box doesn’t have a spatula marked on the side, the box labeled kitchen utensils should still be the best place to start looking for it.

Move all the important items personally

Even though most moving companies are highly professional, they shouldn’t be the ones moving the most important documents. In other words, the dusty drawer filled with bank statements, bills, and personal documents will need to come in the car with you. This way, there’s no chance of anything important being misplaced or lost.

The tips above cover the most common problems first-time movers tend to experience. However, they are by no means the only troubles that could occur on moving day. Thus, alongside the tips above, the best advice would probably be to talk to friends and learn from their moving experiences. That way, in addition to the basics, you get to hear about unplanned situations that could occur. Moving into your first home is never going to be a walk in the park but can still be fun with the right preparations.

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