Moving Home When You’re Too Damn Busy!

Moving Home When You’re Too Damn Busy!

We all know that moving house is one of the most stressful things anybody can undertake, but when life is so busy, that you are trying to cram the big move into a strict one day period, this can be where things get interesting! Being a busy parent can mean that there’s no time to do anything, especially if you work, which means a lot of late-night packing sessions, meaning that you are drained when it comes to the day itself. So, when it comes to moving home when you’re just too damn busy, what’s the best way to get it done?

Plan In Advance

You’ve got a moving day on the calendar, so why don’t you do your best to work towards that day? Most of us leave so many things until the last minute that it’s hardly a surprise that it’s a stressful day! Instead, set aside a couple of hours a week to do some decluttering first. If you have a plan in place, even if it’s a simple list such as “declutter, pack nonessentials, pack essentials, and move,” you’ve got some sort of structure to keep you going. You’re not going to need everything out in the last week before you end up moving. So, just try to make everything easier on yourself.

Hire Help

And by making everything easier, why don’t you hire yourself some professional help? You can easily find local moving services to take on the bulk of the work. When it comes to moving day, it can be a strenuous task, and if there aren’t many hands on deck, then it’s gonna be a stressful experience for everyone. You don’t even have to hire help if you don’t have the money, if you’ve got friends and family ready and willing to help, you can easily pay them in a few beers or food.

Don’t Restrict Yourself To One Day

Especially when it comes to unpacking. While you might be tempted to try and get everything done as quickly as possible if you can get back to normality, which is a very common concern when you’ve got such a busy life. Instead, if you do this, you’re going to potentially underuse the space you’ve got. So instead, isn’t it better for you to take the time out to clean the house, and possibly put a lot of the items into storage first? This might be a big help when you take the opportunity to decide where everything can go this time around, so you can make the most of your new home space, you can fill up on a hefty morning snack, and then spend a 12 hour period putting everything in place.

From packing to unpacking, it’s something that does take a long time, and even if you are tempted to try and cram it all into one day, it could be the most stressful day you’ll ever encounter! Instead, when you don’t have the time, you need to think about making effective time. Moving home isn’t supposed to be a quick process, and now in the modern-day, we are expected to do it quickly. But in actual fact, it’s much better for you to take the time out, so you can maximize the new living space.


  1. I experienced moving in and out and this is so hard for me. Packing and unpacking plus letting go of some other things is so hard to do. But with that experience. I learned to be more practical now.

  2. We haven’t move in 15 years and honestly wouldn’t even know where to start if we did! We talk all the time about moving and I would definitely hire someone for sure to help out!

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with moving. While it’s exciting and great to start over, the packing is no fun.

  4. So true, but I think this will be my best and last move. I will have plenty of help as well. I believe I’ve found the apartment I would love to remain at for life. In fact, I know it will be based on talking to others that live there. The manager is one of the best I’ve met yet. She’s absolutely amazing as a person. I’m thrilled that I was approved at my dream apartment and it’s in my favorite location. There are 2 renters in line ahead of me and when it’s my turn, I believe this will be one time, I’m ecstatic about moving. This was always going to be a short-term rental to get my foot in the door in the town where I grew up. It was the only one available at the time I applied for apartments here.

  5. Moving home is really a headache and seems to stretch on and on. One is moving and then settling everything in. As you have suggested this requires planning and in advance too. But whatever you do the pain still remains.

  6. I hate moving and dread the day we move again. We always pack way in advance instead waiting until the last minute but still. Ugg.

  7. I agree with all of this. This last move was the easiest for us because we had movers who moved it all. We just packed it. I definitely recommend that if you can afford it.

  8. Reesa Lewandowski

    Part of the reason we have never moved is because of the simple fact of moving!!! What a mess! These are great tips!

  9. It’s been such a long time since we moved but it’s good to have a checklist where you can tick off one task every time you get a chance or a free time to do so. These are great tips as well. Getting help is really important especially when you live alone.

  10. We were a military family so we moved constantly. I am glad my husband has retired, now we are settled. It is stressful to move.

  11. I’m one of those people who love long winters and MOVING! I love your tips. One of my favorites is to pack your car with things that say home to you and get those settled in quickly. You feel real good seeing your favirite stuff in your new place.

  12. This is one of the things that I’m not looking forward to. We’ve been in our home for over ten years and I know when we finally do decide to move. I’m just going to hire movers.

  13. We moved a little over a year ago and we managed to do it fairly quickly. The carpets were replaced several months ahead of the move so we had some stuff already packed. Then we did several smaller trips using our suv. We would pack several boxes and take them to the new place and unpack immediately (kitchen stuff). Also, use towel and sheets to pack kitchen breakables. Then you don’t have to worry about washing everything. It is all clean.

  14. I hear you, believe it or not for this past 10 yrs we move like 5 times the last one was out of state . That was our big move and I told my husband never again! So stressful not to mention the so much work.

  15. I’m downsizing now with the anticipation of moving in a couple of years. Doing this in advance should help!

  16. We are planning on moving in one or two years and I’m already trying to plan ahead. I do not want to stress about it last minute!

  17. We have hired movers and done it ourselves. The key to both is planning ahead and not waiting until the last minute. Pack and pack everything ahead of time.

  18. Moving can be tough! We’re a military family, so we move every few years. We always hire movers! There’s no way we could do it ourselves.

  19. I hear you. I’m going to be moving sometime before summer, and I’m not taking on the task by myself, lol.

  20. I moved a number of times, long before we had kids. We only had apartments then and I hated moving, I’d definitely want help if I ever had to move a house.

  21. I remember when we moved across the country and it was a huge ordeal. Being super organized really helped but it’s hard to be organized when you’re too busy and don’t have time. Also, decluttering and having a huge garage sale helped too.

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