The Many Employment Opportunities Of Memphis

The city of Memphis located on the Mississippi River and the largest city along the river. Known for its food, music, and one of a kind culture. We Are Memphis list the city’s many festivals, sights to see, cultural history, job opportunities and more. However, while Memphis is known as a tourist destination and its association with music includes some of the most well-known names in music history there is more to the city than that. 

Memphis Tennessee is also home to over 650,000 people and is part of a metropolitan area of over 1.3 million people. As such a large and busy city, there are several different employment opportunities available. Here are just some of the major employers that call Memphis home.  

Some Of The Top Employers In Memphis

  • The Local And Federal Government: the government employees thousands of people at various levels in the greater Memphis area. The city itself employs 6,600 people, the county 7,000, and the state itself employees an additional 5,200 people. If including federal jobs an additional 14,800 can be counted as well.
  • Baptist Memorial Healthcare-Memphis: specializing in cardiovascular research Baptist Memorial Healthcare-Memphis is one of Memphis’s busiest hospitals and performs 40,000 surgeries per year and has beds for up to 1,765 patients. In total 10,000 employees make up the hospital’s staff in various areas including doctors, nurses, support staff, and more.    
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: one of the most well-known hospitals in the country St. Jude serves sick children and provides support for them and their families at no expense. In addition to medical care St. Jude’s also collects donations for charity, performs research, and no patient is ever charged based on support and donations from private citizens and corporate entities. In total over 3,500 people work for St Jude’s Hospital.  
  • Shelby County Schools: the local county schools service Memphis and unincorporated areas in the county. Over 16,000 employees work in teaching, support roles, management, HR, and other key areas of the local education system. There are also six other school districts in the general area offering employment and career opportunities for educators and those who work in the field.
  • Naval Support Activity Mid-South: this naval base is located just to the north of Memphis and serves as an important part of the Navy’s greater human resources network. The Naval Support Activity Mid-South doesn’t just employ members of the military and they also have civilians and contractors under their employment. In total, more than 6,500 employees work for the Naval Support Activity Mid-South location making it a good location for navy and civilian professionals.   
  • FedEx: one of the most well-known shipping companies in the country FedEx employees more than 30,000 employees at its Memphis centers. A global company FedEx ships worldwide and offers a lot of flexibility and options for your career. They are also pioneers in shipping technology.    
  • Park Place Entertainment: the two casinos in the greater Memphis area (Bally’s Casino-Tunica and Grand Casino Tunica) are both run by Park Place Entertainment. These two gaming establishments see thousands of patrons every day and employ roughly 4,000 people across both locations. 


The city of Memphis has a lot to offer not just tourists but also residents both current and future. If you’re looking for a unique and vibrant southern city with a culture all its own Memphis is a great place to live. The many employers listed above are just some of the opportunities Memphis offers and there are many more to consider if you are looking to make Memphis home.