8 Ways to Create the Best Travel Outfits for your JFK Flight

8 Ways to Create the Best Travel Outfits for your JFK Flight

Travelling long distance can be boring or it can be exciting, depending on how much you travel. But how matter how seasoned a traveller you are, being comfortable while you fly is key. Rather than wear your business attire on the flight, even if you are planning to head straight to your first meeting upon landing, wear one or more of the following garments to make sure you arrive at JFK feeling fresh and rested – and with your business clothes neatly hanging, ready for a quick change before you find your limo – find yours before you fly with this JFK limo service website – and set off to wow your business partners.


It can be really hard to dress appropriately, especially if you are flying from a warm country into winter, or vice versa, and that’s before you’ve even considered the plane itself. Often kept comfortably warm, the temperature can sometimes drop overnight, leaving you shivering in a too-thin cardigan. Layers are your friend here: a t-shirt or light top, a thin jumper or cardigan, and a thicker jumper or hoodie to layer on top when you get especially chilly. Don’t neglect your legs either: if you tend to feel the cold, wear leggings or stockings under trousers – the difference that thin layer makes cannot be overstated!

Baggy trousers

Speaking of your legs, baggy trousers are a must when you are flying. Human bodies are not meant to move so fast at altitude, and fliers often suffer from swollen legs and feet. Wearing tight trousers can not only be uncomfortable, it can actually be harmful, giving rise to blood clots and otherwise restricting your circulation. Baggy trousers feel comfortable and look good if worn the right way, giving you the best of both worlds.


While the above point said to avoid tight trousers, leggings are in a class of their own because of their forgiving stretchiness. If your legs swell, most leggings will expand to accommodate them without cutting into you. And leggings are perhaps the most comfortable type of trousers that there are! Do check before you fly though, as some US airlines still have rather archaic restrictions on what types of clothing can be worn on flights.

Smart blazer

To avoid flouting airline clothing rules, teaming most comfortable clothing with a stylish blazer is a great way to look smart while retaining your comfort. A long blazer will cover your bottom, and you can button them over most outfits to offer a stylish surface that disguises the pure comfort underneath!

Long pullover or sweater

A slightly oversized pullover or sweater is another great flying garment. Bulky enough to feel protective, warm and snuggly, a huge pullover can double as a blanket almost, as you nap your way to your destination.

Full skirt

Just like baggy trousers, full and long skirts offer great mobility and comfort with a maximum of modesty and warmth. They also look wonderful and, if made from the right fabrics, can be crease-free and immaculate, even after a night of being napped in!


Moving onto footwear, don’t be fooled by how very comfortable your smart leather shoes are – as your feet swell during the flight, even the most comfortable rigid shoes become tight and painful, constricting your feet and even causing numbness and bruising. Give your poor feet a rest by wearing comfortable breathable and slightly stretchy trainers while in flight (and do try and walk around, flex your feet and generally keep your circulation going as much as possible too), changing into your smart business shoes once you are safely on the ground.

Moccasin/ Loafer

If you are not a trainer-wearing person, you can substitute a more formal, but still comfortable shoe, such as a soft moccasin or a loafer. These look more formal than trainers, but will still allow your feet to swell without restriction and will be more comfortable than well-fitted lace-up or ankle-hugging shoes.

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