The Truths and Myths of Having a Mommy Makeover

The Truths and Myths of Having a Mommy Makeover

Motherhood presents one of the happiest moments for couples and their families. However, the moment can also take a significant toll on a woman’s body, making her self-conscious. Such situations call for an expert like John David Mullins, MD, a mommy makeover in Atlanta expert. If you give the doctor a chance, you get a confidence boost with the natural-looking results expected in any lifting procedure offered.

What results can a mommy makeover accomplish?

Mommy makeover helps you avoid postnatal stress about the aesthetics of your body. The procedure redefines your figure, curves, and other areas affected by the birthing process. Mommy makeover combines plastic surgery and other aesthetics procedures with the intent of giving you back your pre-pregnancy body. Areas that your doctor can target with the procedure include:

  •         Skin buildup during pregnancy to accommodate the baby
  •         Volume gained during pregnancy
  •         Polishing some skin areas to remove stretch marks

Dr. Mullins also offers tailored procedures, which help women with some unique afterbirth issues.

What areas can a mommy makeover help improve?

Mommy makeover is a procedure concerned with your after-pregnancy body. During pregnancy, areas such as your breasts, tummy, and even the buttocks take a significant toll. Dr. Mullins helps you redefine yourself by offering the following services:

  •         Buttock lift
  •         Body contouring
  •         Breast lift
  •         Breast augmentation
  •         Breast reduction
  •         Vaginal rejuvenation
  •         Tummy tuck
  •         Breast reduction

Treatment begins with a consultation, which follows various examinations. In the examinations, your doctor checks on different areas that need lifting and gives you the expectations of all the procedures involved. In the consultations, you can also give Dr. Mullins your goals and expectations. Once you are satisfied and ready for the restoration, your doctor will book you in for one.

What do you expect in a mommy makeover?

The whole mommy makeover surgery takes only one procedure. You will have anesthesia to prevent numbing; then, your doctor will position you on a table to better offer the lift. Unfortunately, mommy makeover procedures have a recovery time, although you will be able to go home on the same day. Some women spend a day or two at the center due to the nature of their bodies.

What is the recovery time for a mommy makeover make like?

Different mommy makeover procedures have different recovery times. If you had a simple procedure like a minor breast lift, you could expect a full recovery after several weeks. Side effects of a lift procedure include swelling, discomfort, and bruising, which disappear after a short while. The recovery time also means you will have to contend with bandages, drainage tubes, and gauze for at least a week. Dr. Mullins will also provide instructions that will help you cope during the healing process.

A mommy makeover is all you need after pregnancy to have your body back. Expect procedures such as a breast lift, neck lift, body contouring, and breast reduction. Healing times vary according to your body and the procedure offered to you. Call John David Mullins, MD, FACS, or book an appointment online for a mommy makeover.

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