Things You Should Consider Before Getting A Breast Augmentation

Things You Should Consider Before Getting A Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation Tampa is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedures in the world, helping many women to improve their confidence. But just because breast augmentation is a common procedure doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be carefully thought about – so here are some things you may want to consider before choosing a procedure. 

1.  Whether to choose implants or a fat transfer

Most people think that implants are their only option but in fact, if you only want to go up 2 cup sizes of less then you can also have breast augmentation using fat grafts. During a fat grafting procedure, fat is extracted from another part of the body such as the buttocks or stomach and is then processed to be injected into the breasts. Because breast implant size is a lot more varied, people who want larger augmentations still tend to prefer them.  

2.  If you actually want a breast lift

Breast augmentation does not fix sagging breasts and so if you just want to return your breasts to their old position then you may wish to consider a breast lift instead. During a breast lift, the tissue holding the breast is tightened and any excess is removed. If you’re looking for both lift and a change in size, then it is possible to have a combined procedure. 

3.  Breast implants don’t last forever

Although technology has come along way and today’s breast implants now last longer than ever, they still have a shelf life of around a decade, meaning that in ten years or so you will need to have them replaced. If you don’t like the idea of a repeat surgery then you just need to be aware that your surgery will only last for a maximum of ten years. 

4.  There are more types of breast implant than you think

Although most people know that there are silicone and saline-filled breast implant options they often don’t know that these come in a vast array of shapes, textures, and profiles. This is because every breast is different and so implants need to reflect this diversity. The good news is that your surgeon will likely handle most of the decision process, you just need to tell him the end result you are looking for. 

5.  If you want to breastfeed you may need a different incision site

During breast augmentation, the surgeon can choose a number of different incision sites including around the areola, under the breast or at the armpit. Although you can breastfeed with all of these incisions, most doctors recommend that those who wish to breastfeed don’t have their incision around their areola. 

6.  It can take weeks for swelling to go down

The recovery time from breast augmentation can be quite lengthy and many people see bruising and swelling on their breasts for weeks to come. This can often mean that even when the surgery goes well, patients need to wait several months to see the final result of their surgery, so don’t book any holidays or events just yet!

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