Tips For Freshers: 6 Essential Items To Bring To a Job Interview

Tips For Freshers: 6 Essential Items To Bring To a Job Interview

So, you have impressed the recruiters with your CV and probably passed a phone screening test. This means that it’s time to impress them in a face-to-face meeting. As a fresher, you are more likely to make several interview mistakes, especially if it is your first time. You’d be surprised to know that candidates often walk into an interview without carrying a copy of their documents.

It is wise to know that not carrying the proper documents may reduce your chance of getting selected. For that reason, you should come prepared and carry copies of all your documents to increase your chances of having a successful interview.

So, are you a fresher and don’t know what to carry in an interview? Here we have curated a list of documents required for the job interview, plus other important things to remember.

1. Several Copies Of Your Resume

While the company already has a copy of your resume, it is a good practice to carry 2-3 extra copies of your resume printed on high-quality paper.

Let’s say, 3 recruiters are taking your interview, it is wise to carry one copy for each person.

2. Carry Your Degree And Other Certifications

As a fresher, you may not have a college degree as they take several months to release them. So, if you don’t have your degree, it doesn’t mean you won’t get the job. Thankfully, you can buy a fake diploma certificate to prove your credentials at the workplace.

Also, you must carry the ‘original’ documents of your college projects or past internships with a company, if any.

3. A Written List Of Questions

An interview is a two-way communication process, and it doesn’t mean that only the interviewer has the right to ask you questions. Most interviews end with a brief section where you can ask questions to the interviewer. Also, it is considered a good sign and showcases your interest in the particular job field.

Other Materials To Carry In A Job Interview

Apart from your documents and questions list, here are some other things you must carry with you:

  • A Bag Or Briefcase

Once you have the list of the documents to carry in an interview, find a way to organize and carry them. One of the best ways to carry them is to bring a nice-looking bag that looks professional.

  • Pen And Paper

It is always a good practice to carry a pen and paper during an interview to take notes of the interviewer’s questions. Also, you can use these notes to follow up later in a thank you email.

  • List Of References

Not all interviewers ask for references. But in case they do, you should keep the list of references handy. Here, references are those people who can address your commitment to work. These could be your former teachers or community leaders.

Pro tip: Do not include your family members and friends in the reference list.

Summing Up

To sum it up, coming prepared for the interview with proper documents and other items portrays your positive attitude towards work. So, don’t forget to carry the items listed above.

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