5 Home Design Tips for Beginners

5 Home Design Tips for Beginners

Starting to design your home from scratch can be thrilling but challenging as well. That’s especially true if you’ve never done it and want to make everything look perfect the first time around. If you need some interior design guidance, we’ve got several tips that will help you set up an inviting home that everyone will love and enjoy. 

Choose the colour palette wisely

Is your Pinterest vision board filled with a variety of living room and bedroom designs? If you’ve been fantasizing about the ideal dining room and kitchen design, you know that it will take plenty of thinking before you can make the final decision on the best colour palette. The colour of the walls will set the mood for a room, so you’ll want to implement the colours that will say come on in and enjoy your time here all day long. Aside from ambience, you should also think about the size of the room and pick the colour palette accordingly. Lighter hues will visually expand the room, while darker tones tend to make the room look smaller. However, if you’re aiming for a bold design, then a dark shade in your small apartment can do wonders. 

Let there be daylight

The more natural light your home features, the more inviting it will look. Not to mention that natural light promotes happiness and keeps you alert. Plan for large windows to let the sunlight shine in the living room. Don’t forget to include retractable fly screens into the window design and prevent insects from invading your home during warm months when you’ll leave the windows open all day long. Add extra windows or expand the current smaller ones, whichever option sounds more doable and affordable. 

Experiment with furniture set-up

One of the cornerstones of interior design is creativity. So, when you start planning for your furniture arrangement, feel free to think outside the box. Just because all of your friends have their sofas and armchairs against the wall doesn’t mean your furniture arrangement has to be alike. Stand in the centre of the room and envision the ideal position for all the pieces. Gather a crew and rotate the furniture until you’re happy with the layout. Think sofa in the middle, two armchairs, one on each side of the sofa, a coffee table, all in the centre of the room. Start from there and work your way towards the ideal arrangement.

Display heirlooms and personal favourites

Another important part of interior design is the personal touch. You’ll want your home to reflect your taste and personality. On top of that, it should look like people are living there, instead of having the image of a cold impersonal home ready to be displayed in an interior design magazine. Create a gallery wall with all the photographs from family gatherings, weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. Fill rooms with all those accent items that make you feel at home to create the most inviting ambience in your home.

Don’t splurge on everything

Are you one of those people who don’t care about the money they’ll spend on throw pillows even if they cost thousands of dollars? If you are, it’s time to change your tactics. Not only do accent pieces like towels, pillows, and blankets go through excessive wear and tear, but your taste will likely change with the emergence of new trends. Accent items are the easiest to replace when you need to refresh your home décor. So, spend the money wisely, and rather invest more in kitchen appliances or home security, for instance. 

Final thoughts

If you’re thinking about designing your home, you’re in for a wild ride. The journey can be time-consuming and tedious at times, but in the end, it will be worthwhile. All you need to do is know where to start and how to invest wisely without breaking the bank on meaningless items. Keep all the previously mentioned tips in mind when you start your home design journey, and you’ll design the home of your dreams without any fuss. 

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