Top Things To Consider When Designing Medical Clinics

Top Things To Consider When Designing Medical Clinics

Getting the right design for your medical clinic is critical to its success. It may seem like the reputation of the doctors is most important. But, first impressions count and the majority of patients will see the clinic long before they see the doctor and revel in their expert knowledge.

The good news is that getting the design right doesn’t have to be difficult. You simply need to consider the following items. It can also help to contact a specialist in medical fit-outs, they won’t just help with the design, they will be able to help you understand why certain elements are so important. 


Lights are important so patients can see while they wait. They need to be bright enough to make the waiting area feel spacious. But, they also need to provide light without causing headaches and other issues. 

That’s why most medical clinics are opting for recessed lighting. This is cheaper and more efficient than standard lighting options. But, it is also better at lighting the area and helping to create the right impression. 

Heated Devices

Most medical clinics have a heating system and the clinic will feel warm as you step in from the cold. However, when a patient steps into the exam room they may need to partially disrobe. Suddenly, what seems like an acceptable temperature is actually cold. This can have a detrimental effect on the patient and the medical condition. 

To prevent this a clinic should incorporate heated exam tables and heated blankets. The more comfortable a patient is the more likely they are to return and share their story with others. 

Noise-reducing Walls

Most people have been in a waiting room and have been able to overhear a conversation taking place in the exam room. This destroys the idea of patient confidentiality. Medical clinics should invest in suitable wall insulation, this is good for keeping the space warm and prevents others from listening to private conversations. 


One of the most important parts of a medical clinic is the flow. Patients should be able to enter and move immediately to the reception desk. The natural flow of the building should move them to the waiting area and then the designated exam room. This prevents embarrassing issues regarding where people should be and helps to make the place feel, open and friendly. 

The Theme

A waiting room is essential and often the lasting impression of the doctor’s visit. That’s why you need to make sure it appears modern. There should be plenty of comfortable seats, televisions to help patients pass the time, and a variety of other items, specifically children’s entertainment. 

It will help to keep everyone calm.

The Latest Equipment

Entering an exam room and seeing all the latest medical equipment will inspire confidence in the patients. Of course, this will also make it easier for the doctor to perform their job. Make sure your medical clinic has every device it needs to give fast and efficient answers to patients. Then, you’ll never have a shortage of patients. 

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